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Trump Giddy He Can Kick 20M Off Healthcare

Trump hasn’t been in such a good mood in months. Ginsburg is dead and he may finally get his wish: to kick 20 million hard-working Americans off their health insurance without an option to see a doctor. He can finally destroy protections for pre-existing conditions – making it impossible for anyone with a pre-existing condition (43% of Americans) to get health insurance ever again. He can finally kick students and young people off their parent’s health care. He can finally raise health insurance prices for the middle class and take it away entirely for the lower classes. Christmas came early.

Despite Trump’s Election-year conversion to suddenly care about people and pre-existing conditions, Trump has long yearned to steal your healthcare… He’s been trying since he took office. “Repeal and Replace” (remember that one?) – which turned out to be just “Repeal” – was the GOP #1 priority when they moved into the House, Senate and White House in 2016. But he’s never been able to do it. The laws were just too popular. The ACA grants too many people life-saving medical care. In 2017, he couldn’t even get all the Republicans Senators to vote against ACA! Now he is trying one last Hail Mary to take away your healthcare. What he couldn’t do through a vote of the people’s representatives in Congress, he can try to do through a weak legal loophole (he hopes) started by Texas and now pushed by Trump’s Administration (Texas v. U.S.).

Trump and his family have often been known to say to friends at Mar-a-Lago that healthcare has become “too available” to too many people. Hospitals are too crowded with lower and middle class people. The Trumps would prefer less crowded doctor’s offices and hospitals. This means making healthcare more expensive so fewer people can afford to go to the doctor.

Trump could not defeat the ACA in Congress. His arch-nemesis, the war hero John McCain, stopped him in 2017. And now, Pelosi, Schumer and the massive popularity of the law stop him. But Trump has stacked the courts with right-wing judges, many of whom will vote along party lines just like a GOP Senator – approving Republican priorities and dismissing anything supported by a Democratic lawmaker. These judges make up their minds based on party affiliation and ideology then find a legal argument to support the decision after the fact even if it means stretching believability. Trump is relying on his stacked courts to strike down protections for pre-existing conditions even though experts say the case is weak. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Suit challenging ACA legally suspect but threatens loss of coverage for tens of millions 8/21/2020)

Trump is pushing Texas v. U.S. to the Supreme Court even though no legal expert thinks it has the slightest merit. But that doesn’t matter. Trump knows that multiple Supreme Court justices, like Thomas and Alito, will vote for anything consistent with their political leanings. They are simple rubber stamps for anything a Republican President wants to do. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have been less reliable but when push comes to shove, he knows they will support the President that appointed them when he needs them most. Roberts however, has been disloyal to Trump, voting instead to support legal arguments that makes sense – and therefore ruling against Trump-backed lawsuits almost every time. Thus Trump hasn’t had much faith that his long-shot legal case to steal health insurance from 20 million Americans would fly. But now?  Now it’s different. Now he can appoint another political rubber-stamp justice. Someone that believes, as he does, that health insurance is a product, like any other. And it’s better if it’s priced in a way that makes it unavailable to many Americans.

Ginsburg’s death means he can rush through a rubber stamp Supreme Court nominee and he might still be able to strike down the ACA, destroy protections for pre-existing conditions, kick students off their parent’s health insurance, and steal your healthcare (and if you’re not at risk now – just wait – You Will Be) … Finally, he can:  Making Healthcare Unavailable Again. MAGA.


Find out if your Senator intends to vote to confirm Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Find out of the best phone number to call your Senator’s office. BURY your Senator in phone calls that you will NOT STAND for a Supreme Court justice nominated by Trump. Find 5 friends to vote together to OUST TRUMP. Oust your GOP Senator if they intend to support Trump’s destruction of hard-working American’s healthcare. If you have only Democratic Senator, give your support, however you can to swing states!


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