Easy Sports Nourishment Tips and Tricks by Sacha Sorrentino

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No matter at what age we are at, what sports do we play or not play it is enormously important to eat healthily and have a balanced diet in order to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet is as important as anything else for our wellbeing especially for people who are into sports or are athletes; they have to eat clean if they want to be good at what they do.

Dr. Sacha Sorrentino (Courtesy photo)

Dr. Sacha Sorrentino is one such nutritionist who helps individuals stay healthy and fit. He’s an Italy based nutritionist who specializes in concentrated reducing of weight and fat, helps with nourishment for high level trained professional players and athletes. He strongly believes and promotes the fact that if individuals want to maintain a healthy lifestyle they should eat right. He customizes diet plans according to each individual’s body types and requirements and builds their routine accordingly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right can be hard for some people therefore, in this article we have gathered a few tips and tricks that will help individuals eat right and maintain good shape regardless of their gender or age.

Essential foods: Several essential food items are commonly available in the market and if consumed by individuals they can prove to be quite healthy for them such as eggs are the best source of protein, cinnamon that controls one’s blood sugar, oatmeal which provides fiber to the body, fresh juices especially orange juice that is a great source of calcium and in the end, turmeric which is a natural pain reliever and helps immensely if one if into weight lifting or other.

Immunity: Stress is your biggest enemy when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it lowers one’s capability to fight against bacteria and diseases. If individuals are sportsmen or athletes they tend to stress before the big game which is certainly not healthy. So eat food that boosts your immunity like no other.

Hydrate yourself like there’s no tomorrow: Undeniably our bodies survive on fluids, they need hydration to function properly so drink a lot of water, if individuals are not sweating they are not doing enough. However, several foods in the market help individuals staying hydrated such as broccoli, carrots, or cucumbers, and fruits like cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, or watermelons help individuals in staying hydrated. 

Pre-workout routine: Bananas are your best friends before the workout, it maintains your blood sugar and helps an individual’s workout with exhaustion for a longer period. Some types of bread such as oat bread or whole grain bread can also be a pre-workout snack.

Recovery from the workout session: Within a few minutes of working out our protein levels start to drop down and our muscles begin to break so it is immensely important and encouraged to have a protein and carbohydrate enriched meal after the workout session to help maintain your protein and crabs level.

In the end, we would just like to mention it is not necessary to change your entire lifestyle if you maintain a healthy life; all you need to do is follow a nutritional diet plan provided by Sacha Sorrentino and customized by proficient nutritionists who understand your body type and other necessities. Remember, feeding your mind every day with positivity is as important as having a good and fit body.

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