Tricks to Help You Buy Luxury Items on a Budget

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. It does mean, however, that you need to find creative ways to buy the high-end goods that you enjoy. There are plenty of ways to get your hands on a Louis Vuitton pair of heels or Gucci sunglasses that don’t require you to sell a kidney. In fact, you can learn to become a savvy shopper who enjoys the finer things in life. Here are some tricks to help you buy luxury items on a budget.

Find Online Discount Retailers

The internet provides an incredible opportunity for budget fashionistas and luxury goods connoisseurs. When you want to find Versace Bright Crystal on sale or score a deal on a pair of Balenciaga sneakers, you can often find these types of luxury goods at online discount retailers. These online stores specialize in finding the best luxury items at amazing prices and passing those savings along to you. When companies change out packaging, discontinue a particular size, or no longer carry an item, they might end up at one of these discount retailers online.

Shop Overstock

When companies are getting ready to launch a new line or they have new things coming in for the next season, they often sell off their current stock at discount prices. Some overstock sales can save you as much as 50% depending on how desperate they are to get rid of the items. These sales can happen through their own websites, directly in the store, or through third-party online or in-person retailers.

Visit Luxury Outlets

Outlet malls are a great place to find luxury brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, Prada, and so much more. The items are all brand new, however, they may be styles from last season or items that have a minor defect. These are defects that no normal person would notice but are just off enough that they can’t be sold in regular stores for the brand. For the budget buyer, this means you can score some amazing deals on brand new luxury clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Take Advantage of Duty-Free

Do you travel for work? Take advantage of the duty-free goods in the international terminals when you fly. You can save big money on things like purses, liquor, perfume, and so much more. Duty-free means that not only do you get a break on the price of high-end goods, but you also don’t need to pay duty taxes on them. This is one way that you can find luxurious accessories to dress up you look for any occasion.  

Buy Gently Used

The idea of buying a luxury purse, jewels, or fashion anyway other than brand new might make you cringe on the inside. But you can find amazing deals on items that people have barely used when you’re willing to look for something secondhand. There are people out there who buy things just to buy them. Then they end up never wearing or using these items, or they have so much that they only use the coat or wear the dress a handful of times.

This is good news when they are cleaning out their closets. Sometimes they donate these items to get a hefty tax break, or they resell them at consignment shops and other venues just to get rid of them. You can buy gently used luxury items at huge discounts when you get them secondhand.

Learn to Delay Gratification

When you’re on a budget and you have your heart set on a Rolex or something sparkly from Tiffany’s, it’ll take you a bit longer to save up the money for it, you might even need to start investing to earn greater returns. But, if you can wait, you are more than capable of setting aside the money you need to buy a new set of earrings, those sleek high-end stilettos, or even a new coat. Being on a budget simply means you make choices that help you reach your goals. So if you want an outfit from Burberry or a new scent from Chanel, you can commit to setting aside money instead of spending on other things that you don’t really want or need.


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you must buy the cheapest things all the time. It simply means that you are aware of your spending and plan to buy the luxury things you desire. You learn how to wait for sales, find amazing deals online, and you’re even willing to get something secondhand when it’s something you know you’ll love.