Trade Your Clunker For Cash: How to Sell a Junk Car In 6 Easy Steps

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Every year, about 12 million vehicles in the United States reach their end of service. After racking up thousands upon thousands of miles, wear and tear finally take its toll.

So, what do you with your clunker?

You could pack it in your yard, but the rust will start acting on it and in no time the car will be unsightly. And if your yard isn’t big enough, there will be no space to park your new rides.

Why not convert it into some cash?

If you’re interested in this, here’s a step by step guide on how to sell a junk car.

Remove Personal Items

Ever looked for something only to find out stuffed in one of your car’s glove compartments?

Our cars are ideal storage units for small personal items. Over a long period, your car will house anything from documents to jewelry and toys. If these are times you rarely use, they can remain unforgotten in the car.

As such, the first step to selling your clunker is to search it for personal stuff. You might be surprised to find items that you had long declared lost.

Even if you’re certain there isn’t any valuable personal item in the car, it’s still advisable to check. There could be expired documents that contain sensitive information that can fall into the wrong hands.

Extract Valuable Care Parts

One thing about a multi-component thing like a car is it doesn’t wear and tear evenly. While some parts will take a thorough beating over the course of many years, others will hold up their shape fairly well. Or there could be parts you replaced just before the car retired.

If your goal is to make the most money off the clunker, then remove any valuable parts you can find. If you have no expertise in car parts, it’s best to bring in a mechanic to assess the vehicle and remove any parts that can fetch you money in the used car parts market. Plus, a mechanic can advise you on the pricing the parts as well as help you find a market.

Find a Junk Car Dealer

Without junk car dealers, there would millions of clunkers rusting away in American yards. These companies will buy almost any type of rundown vehicle, crush it, and sell the metal to recyclers.

However, the buying process varies from dealer to dealer. Some will give you an offer and come to collect the car and others will only do business with you when you deliver the clunker to their junkyards.

This is why it’s vital to shop around and find a dealer with the best offer. Bear in mind dealers pay according to car’s weight, so focus on finding those paying more per pound of metal.

If, for whatever reason, no dealer is willing to purchase the clunker, don’t fret. There are other ways to get rid of it. Read more about this to know your options.

How to Sell a Junk Car Simplified

If you’ve got a clunker in your garage, there’s no point holding on to it. Sure, it could be a classic, but if you’ve no plans of cleaning it often, it will only rust away and lose its value. The savvy move is to sell it.

And know that you know how to sell a junk car, what are you waiting for? Act now!

While at it, keep coming back to our blog for more handy auto tips.

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  • July 22, 2019 at 3:15 PM

    I like what you said about revoving valuable car parts that may have been replaced recently or not worn at the same rate as the rest of the car. My brother has been considering junking his current car since it’s barely functional. I’ll have to make sure he remembers to check for parts, as well as all of his belongings!

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