Top Tips for operating a Sliding Compound Miter Saw – DIY Saws Guide

One of the things that draw people to working with tools is the desire to get work done as quickly as possible. The other thing is the need for the work to be done neatly for high-quality results.

It would be no surprise to see people spending a lot of money on a tool considering the advantages that come with working with them. The sliding compound miter saw from Miter Saw Buzz is one of those tools that promote efficiency and at the same time gives results that are of high quality. There is no objection to the fact that it is a complex tool whose use requires experience. Learning how to use it is however not hard, and with its continued use, you become experienced.

This article will give you some tips to help better and ease your use of the sliding compound miter saw. This particular saw has added advantages over other types of saws due to its sliding capability that makes even the hardest of cuts much simpler. It can be used for just about anything as it can cut everything up to a width of fourteen inches.

Sliding Miter Saw Operational Tips for Successful Cuts

The first and I dare say the most important tip in operating this type of saw is always to know the right blade to use for different jobs. This ensures that the blades last longer and that you risk no damage befalling the sliding compound miter saw.

The other thing is always to ensure that you have extensions when cutting off long pieces of wood. The extension may be custom made by you, some may come with the miter saw during its purchase, or you can even opt to purchase an extension separately from the miter saw if it does not come with any.

Another important tip is to tape the piece of wood on the area you will make your cut. This helps prevent the wood from splintering thus keeping the ends intact after the cut.

In the event that you cannot find the original manual and needed to use it urgently, then an online manual can do the trick. You can get this manual by simply typing in the make and model of your sliding compound miter saw into a search engine on the internet.

You should always lock down your board after making calibrations on the angles you want the miter saw to cut through. This helps prevent the board from shifting while it is being cut. This is done using the locking mechanism that is there in most sliding miter saws. Caution should, however, be taken not to tighten the screws too hard since this could easily lead to them breaking.

In projects that involve cutting crown molding, you should ensure that you do this from a long angle to a long angle as well.


For the serious do-it-yourselfers, the sliding compound miter saw is definitely a valuable tool for them especially with its unique benefit of both the base and blade being able to slide. To ensure you enjoy maximum benefits from the sliding compound miter saw it is important that you learn how to operate it properly and I believe the aforementioned tips will certainly be of great help in this.