Top things to do to make your old car run like new

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Are you tired of having to push and shove your car every time it breaks down? Even though you wish you could buy a new car, you can’t because you don’t have the finances to do so. A lot of old cars may not be running optimally, but some quick fixes might get it to proper working order. A bit of elbow grease is necessary here, but it’s something you should be willing to do if you want to save more money. As for car parts, you can use 247Spares to find and purchase the spare parts you need and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Now, here are some tips to make your old car run like new again.

1. Remote start systems – just the kind of start you need to ensure that your old car does not seem too old. Remote start systems can be paired with your smartphone and you can switch your car on and off even from your home. This allows you to start the car and get the engine to warm up without having to step outdoors. As you know, a warm engine works more efficiently than a cold one as the oil has already circulated, reducing friction inside the engine and preventing unnecessary wear.

2. Change the tires – using old tires can reduce the true potential of the car. It is something that often goes unnoticed because people tend to use tires way beyond their lifespan. However, old tires can often skid on wet and snowy roads, increasing the risk of accidents. A good way to tell whether it’s time for a replacement is when the brakes seem to work later than usual. Also, check the tire thread too if it’s already too thin.

3. Get the engine checked – along with the tires, the engine is another part of the car that should be checked every now and then. In fact, every car owner should get their car serviced at least once a year. It is an easy way to keep the car in tiptop shape. If you do not have an idea of how the engine works and what should be done to make it run to its fullest effect, you should contact a car service company to get the engine checked and tuned. At the very least, be sure to change your engine oil regularly.

4. Check the car suspension – the leaf spring or coil springs can often sag down as the car gets older. Just like you change the tires to make the car run like new, you need to replace the shock absorbers and bushes too. Cars that have been used for thousands of kilometers will have very old struts and coil springs. Make sure you change them as soon as possible to keep the car running properly.

It may seem difficult to make your old car run like new but these tips should serve as a great start. You may have seen old cars that still work as efficiently as they did several years ago. You can do that to your vehicle too if you keep up with these maintenance tips.