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Robert Voltaire’s work continues to soar above everyone’s expectations.

The California born fashion photographer continues to deliver stunning images with some of the world’s most beautiful women.  His shots are sexy, yet understated and bring us a gorgeous perspective of “beach culture” where he seems to prefer to shoot.

“Two keys to a portrait are simplicity and the subject.  I prefer models that are comfortable in their own skin and are willing to share their bodies and emotions as great actresses do.  For me, photography is about storytelling and fantasy,” says Voltaire.

Robert Voltaire began his career as a professional actor, starring in films such as “North of DuPont” and “Harvest Moon.”  He transitioned into photography because the work was consistent and agents and editors sought out his iconic imagery.

His first big break came when he shot Brooke Shields for a Calvin Klein jeans campaign, which was featured in Vogue Magazine.  Later his images would grace the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Esquire and Playboy.

“The texture of the environment or the quality of light is an important aspect of my work. Sometimes it is a linear detail that inspires me,” he says.“Ultimately a photograph can never capture a person’s true beauty.  It is up to the viewer to interpret it.”

Robert Voltaire’s photographic adventures have led him to exotic locations in every corner of the globe.  “As you know, I have an affinity for the beach.  When pressed on his favorite beaches to shoot in he includes “the Amalfi Coast, the Bahamas, Tulum, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro oh and I would love to go to Fiji or Bali. I have never been there,” he says.

Voltaire has also appeared as a photographer on the wildly popular, “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and America’s Next Top Model.”

When asked about his favorite part of photography he replies, “Working with new talent, whether discovered or undiscovered.   I always enjoy meeting designers, agents and models.”

A quick glance at his portfolio features the likes of Camila Morrone, current girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, mega influencer Rachel Cook, Francesca Eastwood (daughter of Clint Eastwood) Guess model Charlotte McKinney among others.

“To me, it doesn’t matter whether a model is famous or how many Instagram followers he or she has. I enjoy working with people that trust my vision.  When a model has reviewed my portfolio and is open to my work it makes the whole process much easier and avoids wasting time.  For instance, if I say we are shooting at the beach at five am, be ready to shoot at five am.  I don’t mind explaining why but when models say can we shoot at noon because I am not a morning person…  I’m done.  There are plenty of models that are down with my vision and the others should get out of the way and make room for them.”

His methods work. Three years ago model Rachel Cook was a relative unknown with approximately 15,000 followers on Instagram.  After a gorgeous shoot on the Italian Riviera with Robert Voltaire for Treats Magazine, her follower count began to explode rising almost 100k a month.  Now she boasts over 2 million followers and the dynamic duo have collaborated on several projects together including their most recent collaboration for Playboy Magazine where she received four different covers.

For those who would like to emulate his work, he has written a book “Photography Marketing Masterclass” which can be found on his personal website and is available through Amazon.

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