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Top Courses for Learning Economics Online

The study of economics is highly valuable in today’s society. The principles of this subject can be applied to a wide variety of institutions, including politics, business, finance, government, health care, etc. If you are interested in learning economics and love the idea of taking online courses, then you will be glad to know that there are several great opportunities available. Many universities, colleges, and even some tuition centers that offer individual JC economics tuition online courses, in addition, to complete economics online degree programs.

These online courses are designed for you to learn the subject’s specifics concepts, deepen your understating of it, and pursue further academic study. Most universities offer the opportunity to even earn an academic credential by completing the course.

There are many courses available for learning economics online. Following are some recommendations:

Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics

  • Duration: 7 weeks

  • Subject: Economics & Finance

  • Provider: Seoul National University

This free online course is offered by Seoul National University. In this finance and economics course, you will learn how the decisions made by economics agents are represented as supply and demand of commodities in the market. Furthermore, this econs tuition course also teaches about market equilibriums, which is when the quantity supplied is equal to the quantity demanded.

Introductory AP® Microeconomics

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Subject: Economics & Finance

  • Provider: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This free online economics course is offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Introductory AP® Microeconomics course, as the name suggests, introduces the students to basic microeconomics principles. By taking this online course, you will learn how individuals make economic decisions that range from how many hours to work to what kind of goods to purchase, as well as how businesses make decisions, including what prices to charge, how many workers to hire, etc.

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Subject: Business & Management

  • Provider: Harvard University

Offered by Harvard University, this online economics course is basically a management and business course that takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, understanding, and solving the various complicated social issues. While the course uses some concepts of health in order to explore the different entrepreneurial opportunities, it also teaches how both problems and solutions have a multi-disciplinary nature.

Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet

  • Duration: 13 weeks

  • Subject: Economics & Finance

  • Provider: SDGAcademyX

This free online course is offered by SDGAcademyX and as the name suggests, it is designed specifically for sustainable development practitioners, in addition to private-sector actors e.g. those working in the finance sector who want to learn and understand the various economics models that support sustainable development. Apart from this, the course is also suitable for economists who are interested in the balance of environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) criteria and macroeconomic principles.

Introduction to Managerial Economics

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Subject: Economics & Finance

  • Provider: The International Monetary Fund

Offered by The International Monetary Fund, this online economics course is designed to guide students through the various sectors of an economy. By taking this course, you will learn to use the tools to analyze the relevant sector and its key vulnerabilities. The tools included in the course are simple to apply.

Students taking the above-listed courses should not need to worry about additional technological requirements because most of these courses only require you to have the standard materials that are needed for online/remote learning e.g. an up-to-date web browser, reliable internet access, etc.

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