Top 9 Patio Upgrade Ideas for 2020

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Winter is nearly upon us, and it’s time to look ahead to 2020 and a new decade. The cold months are the perfect time to consider upgrading your patio when spring comes around. If your outdoor space needs a new look, here are nine upgrade ideas for your patio to consider while the rain or snow is falling.

1. Paver Perk Up 

If you have a poured-concrete patio, or your pavers are old, cracked, and stained, brighten up your space with new pavers. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, so pick pavers that suit your patio style and budget.

2. Replace Your Furniture 

Maybe you have worn furniture that’s been exposed to the elements for many years and doesn’t invite relaxation outdoors. New patio furniture can turn your space into the perfect spot for summer get-togethers.

3. Think About Shade

Nobody wants to sit and bake on a patio in the high summer heat. Awnings and patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fabrics. Choose to shade the entire patio or only one corner – a spot that provides just the right amount of shade for dining al fresco in comfort.

4. Plant Some Greenery 

Trees and plants add interest, shade, and color to a patio and help provide privacy. Make an arbor or install a trellis with grapevine or bougainvillea. Or make one patio wall a living plant wall.

5. Heat Things Up 

A fire pit can transform your space and turn your patio into an inviting spot for family and friends to gather around. If your place of residence doesn’t allow open-wood fires, a natural gas fire pit lets you have fire by just flipping a switch.

6. Make a Splash 

Greenery is great, but what about water to add some balance? You can add water in various ways – small pools, fountains, water walls, waterfalls, stacked vases, birdbaths. Just make sure your water feature is easy to maintain.

7. Add Some Character

Add some interest to your patio and maybe have a little fun. Include some whimsical but tasteful décor – a windmill or a quirky statue. Be careful not to over-accessorize so that your patio develops a tacky or cluttered look.

8. Light Things Up 

Patio lighting can entice you outside during dark evenings. Lights can direct the eye to features that would otherwise fade into the background. Nothing adds a subtle ambiance to space more than the right kind of lighting.

9. Create an Outdoor Dining Haven

Your patio can serve as a space for outdoor entertaining and dining under the stars. Set up a barbeque for basic grilling, or go further by building an outdoor kitchen to indulge your love of cooking and wow your guests with gourmet meals.

Get to Work 

When spring arrives, start to make over your patio. You don’t have to settle for an uninspired and boring outside space. If your patio isn’t working for you, it’s time for an upgrade. Spring is the best time to redo your paving and plant some new greenery. What changes will you make next?

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