Top 5 Laser Treatments Favored By Dr.Omar Ibrahimi and other top US Dermatologists

The word “laser” is an acronym that stands for:


Amplification by


Emission of


Essentially, laser therapy uses light that is focused, precise, and powerful. The light is of a single wavelength and is used to create a narrow, concentrated beam that can penetrate the skin. Laser therapy has been used to treat purely cosmetic skin abnormalities as well as to treat medical conditions such as psoriasis and skin cancer.

It is important to remember that different lasers and treatments will achieve different goals; however, they all work according to the same principle. The light is intensely focused on rejuvenating old and damaged skin cells. 

The laser uses heat to selectively “damage” specific parts of a patient’s skin. Do not be alarmed as this controlled “damage” is, in fact, an amazing process for skin transformation. The laser forces the body’s skin systems to power up and it goes into an accelerated-healing mode. Dr. Omar Ibrahimi of the Connecticut Skin Institute explains that the body responds to the laser damage by producing cellular rejuvenating collagen. And as a result, the therapy works to improve the skin’s natural texture and overall appearance— working for any skin type. 

Best Laser Treatments

Hair Removal

Temporary hair removal is a cumbersome task that is not only time-consuming but can also be painful. Since laser hair removal is a permanent option, it has proven to be a rather popular beauty treatment. The laser hair removal route also comes with significantly less discomfort in comparison to traditional waxing methods.

With any form of laser treatment, it is best to have the treatment performed by a well-trained, knowledgeable and authorized specialist. The Connecticut Skin Institute often conducts research studies on new lasers used for hair removal, and Dr. Ibrahimi has written book chapters on the subject. In fact, they are one of the only practices in the United States to own three different devices for laser hair removal– spanning all four wavelengths (755nm Alexandrite, 800nm Diode, 1060nm Diode, and 1064 Nd: YAG) that can treat any skin color.

Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel Laser treatment is an FDA-cleared and clinically proven treatment that is popularly used to improve skin texture. The treatment works by utilizing microscopic laser columns that use light to penetrate deep into the skin tissue on a cellular level. As a result, this will speed up the body’s natural remodeling of collagen. The procedure improves skin tone and texture, requires minimal downtime, and corrects pigmentation irregularities.

Dr. Ibrahimi is an expert in the field and says, “One of the most common treatment options that I use is the Fraxel laser. It is a fractionated laser that sends little micro-injuries into the skin. The injuries are so small and fractional that they trick the body into remodeling and it often takes a series of treatments.” 

Tattoo Removal

Americans are fans of permanent ink body art. From misspellings, untasteful or poorly executed designs to bad breakups or just regretting the decision, there are many reasons as to why one may want to have a tattoo removed. However, the removal process is not as simple as getting inked.

Dr. Ibrahimi explains the process as intricate since “tattoos are like snowflakes as each tattoo is unique and requires removal techniques tailored to the individual case. Once the tattoo is evaluated, it may be removed over a series of treatments with a specialized powerful laser which uses more power during its pulse than most American cities use.”

Scar Reduction

Laser scar removal is proven to be both safe and effective. The treatment has proved to be a popular way to reduce the visibility of scars whilst avoiding surgery and has minimal to no downtime. The treatment is popularly used on burn scars and shows some of the best results. The scar reduction treatment significantly improves the appearance of disfiguring marks to boost confidence and reveal the skin’s natural glow.

Acne Pitting

Atrophic acne can be significantly improved with the help of laser treatment. Since acne pitting or ice-pick scars leave indents on the skin, it is often difficult to conceal with makeup. The treatment works by getting the skin to heal itself and reduces the size and appearance of atrophic scars. 

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