How PayPal Fee Calculator Can Help You 

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Whether you’re a merchant with a business account, a premier account holding professional seller or a casual PayPal user who has a personal account, PayPal has charged and a payment structure you should know.

It can be a little hard to understand the structure because there are different payment classes. However, the PayPal fee calculator will help you understand how to budget appropriately, and what funds you’re charged when you send or receive money.

How many types of PayPal accounts are there?

There are three types of PayPal accounts with user-specific features

Personal account: This is the standard account for people who want to make personal transactions, send or receive money, and do some shopping. Personal transactions are free.

Premier Account: Premier account is for professional merchants who want to receive card payments. With this account, you can get a debit card for your dealings.

People who use PayPal for business can either use this account or a business account.

Business Account: You can operate this account with a business or company name. It has more features than the premier account and over 200 employees can access the account. Other features include express check-out, a dedicated phone number, and a customer service email.

PayPal charges a fee on the transactions of these accounts, but how much are these fees?

How to determine PayPal fees 

There are several determining factors, including:

  • The currencies used for the transactions
  • Personal vs business account
  • Country of registration, or payment/receiving country
  • Transaction funding source (credit card, bank account, PayPal balance)

The PayPal calculator factors these things into the equation

Personal Accounts

The only transactions you’re not charged for are transactions between friends and family in the same country using your PayPal bank account or balance. But you pay a fee when you use a credit or debit card.

Commercial Accounts

Commercial payments that have to do with buying and selling or receiving payments using PayPal’s ‘request money’ feature come with goods and service fees.

PayPal’s fees have a standard rate that combines a fixed fee and a percentage-based fee depending on the currency and the country.

PayPal charges fees for international PayPal transactions, which happen when either the sender or receiver is in a different country.

Registered non-profit organizations or merchants can apply for discounted rates on the funds they receive rather than the variable fee.

Merchant rate: When you qualify for the merchant rate, you can apply. However, to qualify, your sales volume must be higher than $3,000 monthly or an equivalent amount for three consecutive months.

There are three tiers to the merchant rate and your discount rate can go up to 1.0% off the variable fee. However, you can lose the privilege if your sales volume is not consistent.

Additional PayPal fees

PayPal comes with some other fees like:

  • Withdrawal fees are charged when you withdraw your balance money into a bank account outside the U.S, debit, or credit card.
  • A refund fee is paid when you refund a customer’s payment.
  • Confirmation fee for debit and credit card
  • Micropayments fee

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