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Top 5 Content Marketing Firms in the US, according to Clutch   

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of these companies to write this article. While I know some of the principles at some of these companies, none of them told me to write this, nor did they offer me any incentive to do so.

I chose to look at the list Clutch put together because they seem to have a robust review process, and they list out each company profile in as unbiased a way as I’ve seen any review site do. They even let you sort their list by ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Clutch rank’ making it pretty clear where the bias is, if there is one.

But the main thing I really love about the Clutch list is that they provide straight links to each company on their list; they don’t use affiliate links or have trackers on the links in any way. Which would lead one to assume that there is absolutely no incentive for Clutch to list out these companies the way that they have other than through a pure unbiased review process.

While many lists in internet marketing and SEO ARE biased, this Clutch list at least appears to have a very high degree of separation from any of the companies on their list. But the reader should be aware there could be remuneration or compensation happening between Clutch and some or all of the agencies on this list. I personally don’t think there is, however. Now, on to the list:

1. Eucalypt

While I don’t really understand why they named themselves after a plant, it’s a memorable brand name to be sure. With 11 reviews, they have the most reviews out of any agency in the top 5 list. Their pricing is average compared to the other top 10 companies, at about $5000 + per project. And their service offer is 100% focused on content marketing, as it should be.

2. Brafton

While their service offering is only 45% focused on content marketing specifically, they only have 3 reviews, and their pricing is average, it’s hard to understand why this company is in the 2nd position. Until you read the first review; “Their work has brought in over 80 leads with a significant portion being industry-specific. Learning the ins-and-outs of a complex business, they produced written content that perfectly represents the brand.” That says a lot all by itself.

3. Scripted

With 6 reviews, a lower than average hourly rate, and a 60% focus on content marketing, it would seem Scripted fits well in the 3rd slot just based on the law of averages. Not that I’m saying they’re an average company. But if I were an algorithm, I would put Scripted right where they’re at.

4. Fractl

I’m a little confused about why Fractl is in the Top 5; let alone top 10. 1 review, 50% focus on content marketing and undisclosed rates makes their profile look very thin and uninspiring. Obviously, I’ve never worked with them, so I wouldn’t know anything about their actual service; but just based on their Clutch profile, I wouldn’t even contact these guys. I’d be happy to talk to anyone from Fractl or Clutch to help clarify this one for me

5. Content Harmony

This company probably deserves to be raked 2nd. Just based on the 8 reviews, the average project cost, and the 70% focus on content marketing alone. One thing that I haven’t mentioned about any of the companies so far is firm size (as in, how many employees they have). Content Harmony has between 10-49 employees; which is 2nd SMALLEST on this list. Brafton, which is currently ranked 2nd, has the most employees, with between 250-999. Quite the range there.

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