Top 10 Apps (IOS)

Quite some time has gone by since I created a list of my favorite 10 apps. Well, since then the world of apps has changed quite a bit. So, here I am to give you an updated list of my 10 favorite apps that I use on a daily basis.  These are apps that I use my iPhone and some of them can not be found on the android app market.  Don’t worry I just got the HTC One X and I will be doing a list of my top 10 android apps very soon.  So in no praticular order here is my list.


1. Spotify- There are many music services out there that bring music right to our phones. None of them are quite like the Spotify app. For only $10 a month (that’s less then the price of a cd) you can get access to a huge catalog of music to your computer, phone, and tablet. Spotify does require you to have and link to a Facebook account. Don’t let that turn you off, it is well worth it.  Spotify also includes radio stations that are free and several hours of free listening to songs on its desktop version(with ads).




2. Instacast- If you listen to a lot of podcasts (as I do) and looking for a simple way to subscribe and download all the podcasts that you want then Instacast is for you.  For the longest time I was using the iTunes app or the newest podcast app and to say the least they leave much to be desired.  Instacast solves all these problems by creating a very simple and easy to use app that will keep a list of all the podcasts you listen to and let you know when they are updated.  The app also keeps track of which episodes you listened to and gives you all the detailed information on each one.  Most importantly the app will remind you when your podcasts are in and it will download them right to your device.





3. Chrome Browser- Tired of using Safari on your iPhone?  There are many feature that we have been dying for, that would make mobile browsing easier and more fun.  Well, you should definitely try the Chrome browser from Google. They have added many features that the Safari app has been missing. My favorite of these features is snycing my tabs with my home computer. This will make it so that I am able to bring my webpages on the go with me.  They also added a very cool way to switch and remove tabs with only a few swipes of the finger.  One of its flaws that Google can’t control, is the fact that Apple still will not allow IOS users to make web browsers other than Safari the default app.





4. Tv Forcast- Have trouble remembering what time your show is on or keeping track of when the next season is starting? Well this app will help you do exactly that and more. It will let you know how many days until the next showing and all of the episode titles and breif descriptions (no spoilers). If you forget what happend in the last episode? TV Forcast will give you a recap of all of the previous episodes and help get you back to speed. There are many times when I have not been able to watch several episodes of a show because of a busy schedule and this app has allowed me to find out right where I left off and remind me what happened in previous episode.



5. CraigsPro- This one may not apply to everyone but if you use craigslist at all you will want this app. I always buy stuff off Craigslist in order to get a great price on things, no matter if its a camera lense, sports equipment or pretty much anything. This app will help you search very easily for what you want using searches in several different locations and then allow you to call and email right from your phone.  It does not get much easier then that.




6. Feildrunner 2- I am really picky when I chose games for my iPhone, just because then can be extremely addicting and distracting. I do make exceptions though for games like Fieldrunner 2. If you have ever played the flash game where you have to protect your tower by building armies and using special powers? Well, this a very cool twist on that and should provide hours of fun, but in the meantime hopefully not distracting you too much.  You have to build defeces against a ton of feild runners that come in swarms.  This game is more then 99 cents but it will provide you with tons of entertainment.




7. Find My iPhone- I can remember countless times that I have gotten into a cold sweat because I lost my iPhone. I have since stopped worrying because of Apple’s app Find My iPhone. This app will give you the location of your iPhone and then give you the options to wipe the phone, play a sound (even when phone is in silent mode), send a message and lock iPhone. You are bound to lose your iPhone so here is your chance to worry a little bit less about losing your phone. As for dropping your iPhone and breaking the screen, you are still on your own.




8. Amazon App- You have already heard about my love for Craigslist and getting stuff for cheap. The other place where I do the majority of my shopping is on Amazon. I still like to go window shopping and sometimes stumble into stores where I know I can find an item cheaper on Amazon. So, all I have to do is scan the item’s barcode using the Amazon app and it will pop up with a listing of items on the Amazon website. I have talked previously about how apps like this will kill stores like Best Buy if they can not match online deals and this app may be the nail in the coffin.




9. Around Me- I find myself always in a new areas looking for restaurants, ATMs, or coffee shops but I don’t know how close I am to any of them. Luckily there is an app that will use your current location to find several different places in the area. This a feature that will be added in the upcoming Apple Maps that will be released with IOS 6 this fall.




10. Nike+- The best way to improve your runs are to get data about your runs and either speed up or go further. Nike+ uses your gps on your phone to show exactly where you ran and then give you tons of information on mile times, slow points, and allows you to take notes on your run about how you felt, what the weather was and more.