Tips on How to Pass the G1 Driving Test

A driving test (may be called a driver’s test, or exam) is a process made to test a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle on the road. All over the world, it exists in several forms and is usually a requirement to obtain a driver’s license. Mostly the test consists of one or two parts: the practical one and a written test that confirms the theoretical knowledge of the driver.

In this day of age, everybody needs a vehicle for transportation purposes. Once you get 16 years old, you can visit a drive test location for the G1 license. But before you go there, make sure you know 40 multiple-choice test questions. The following tips will help you to pass the G1 driving test.

Things You Need Before Applying for the License

It is always thrilling to be getting prepared for your driving license. But some people forgot their documents required at the test center. Always make sure to keep the following things ready with you before going to apply for the license.  

  •         Passport
  •         Citizenship card
  •         Permanent residency card
  •         Landing record
  •         Residence proof


We have seen many drivers fail their first attempt at the G1 test which not only hurts their confidence but also wastes their time and money. That loss of confidence can be dangerous as it can make the rest of the procedure for learning to drive a lot more frightening. By following the below-mentioned tips, you can easily pass the G1 driving test.

Put a G1 Practice Test into Your Studying Habits

The best way to avoid failure and pass the G1 driving test is to properly study for the test. By putting an authentic G1 practice test in your studying patterns, you will get more to know-how about your test. Once you consider yourself prepared, you can quit these tests.

Improve Your Parking Skills

It has been seen that many experienced drivers who got their licenses worked on their parking skills. You can also impress your examiner with excellent vehicle parking skills.  Keep the following steps in mind to improve your techniques.

  •         Get expert with side and back mirrors
  •         Alert other drivers whenever parking the vehicle
  •         Do not hurry
  •         Be careful while reversing the car

Be Attentive When Giving Practical

Be very fully attentive when it comes to practical tests because the driving examiner will pay attention to the awareness you are giving as a driver. He will look at how many times you use your mirrors and inspect your blind spots. Moreover, he will note how skillfully you pay attention to traffic hazard signs.

Get Some Experience of Highway

To pass the G1 test, you will need to show skills in highway driving. Moreover, get used to cruising at the speed of 80 km/h as you have to show them how often you use the highway to reach your destination at a constant speed.

What you need to avoid

Keep remembering what to avoid like; not gripping the steering wheel properly, driving at the speed of the highway, utilizing alcohol before the test, turning right on red. By doing any of these, you will be giving your loose end to the examiner.

Final Verdict

To pass a G1 driving test is not as difficult as it is told. If the above-mentioned tips are followed properly, then you can get your license on the first attempt. Make sure to drive safely and attentively so that the life of everybody will be safe.  Moreover, you should guide the youngsters once you pass the test so that they can also pass their test.