CBD Oil: Everything About This Revolutionizing Discovery

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Image by R+R Medicinals from Pixabay

The extensive research and development in the field of cannabis have shifted people’s perspectives towards it. CBD oil has been truly transformational for the whole legalization movement. And if you are someone who is interested in marijuana, you should know about CBD oil. In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about CBD oil.

An Overview of The CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which occurs naturally from the cannabis plant. Moreover, CBD oil is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants. Both these plants belong to the cannabis family, which is broadly known as Cannabaceae. It plays an essential role in the regulation of the endocannabinoid system. The traction that CBD has acquired has paved the way for many CBD products available on the market.

Gold Bee’s CBD products are one of the emerging brands in the market that offers a wide range of CBD-based products. One of the reasons that contributed to the popularity of CBD oil is because it is straightforward to use and features high bioavailability. The latter means that it can enter your body quickly, so even smaller doses remain highly effective.

The oil comes in the form of a liquid tincture and is designed for sublingual consumption. You can also consume it orally by swallowing the oil. The formation of CBD oil includes a mixture of CBD extract and food-grade oil like MCT oil. There is a need for MCT oil because CBD is fat-soluble. It means that the oil dissolves in fat rather than water, allowing the body to store the CB oil in the fat tissues.

How Is CBD Oil Extracted?

Gold Bee’s CBD product contains some high-quality CBD oil to get the optimum benefits. But have you ever wondered how the oil is extracted from the plant? Here are some ways that you can extract CBD oil from the hemp plant –

Liquid Solvents

The idea of leveraging liquid to absorb CBD oil using the cannabis plant is not restricted to CO2. Elements that are more in a liquid state naturally are also used for extraction purposes. This liquid includes butane, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol. The process of liquid extraction is more cost-efficient and easy to extract. However, using liquid solvents come with certain pitfalls. Some solvent extraction may carry chlorophyll and impurities from the plant. This can give the CBD oil a greenish tint along with a bitter taste. But with certain adjustments, you can avoid these downfalls.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

This CO2 to extract CBD oil is one of the most popular methods. The system harnesses unique properties of CO2 that enable it to work in all three states of matter including solid, liquid, and gas. For this process, closed-loop extractors are commonly used. The extraction starts by taking a solid CO2 piece that is pumped into a chamber containing cannabis material. Moreover, the section maintains a certain pressure so that the CO2 remains in the liquid state and absorbs the flavor and oil from the plant. Subsequently. The CO2-cannabinoid mixture is pumped into another chamber wherein the CO2 is allowed to move back to a gas state. After this process, all there is left is oil and flavor from the cannabis plant.


This process is an essential way of harvesting high-quality pure CBD oil. It works to remove undesirable components from the oil so that you can have pure CBD oil in the end. Winterization is a part of CBD isolates harvesting instead of the entire spectrum of CBD. Once the CBD oil has been extracted, you add in 200-proof alcohol and freeze the solution overnight. The next day it is run through a filter in order to remove unwanted materials like fat. Once you have the desired oil quality, heat the mixture to reach the boiling point of alcohol to remove it.

Final Thoughts

We have all heard about the excellent benefits of CBD oil, and now you know how you get this valuable oil. While there are tons of brands out there that offer CBD oil, being careful about your purchase is critical. Choosing a reputed brand will ensure that the product you are using is made from premium ingredients and using the proper method.