Three Reasons Why Banners Are Still Relevant for Businesses Today

The advent of social media and digital advertising has made it easy for business owners to reach out to new audiences. As the digital world continues to increase in influence, it seems like physical advertising has taken a back seat.

While digital advertising has its unique advantages, it hasn’t completely taken the place of vinyl banners in the day to day marketing of small businesses. Banners come in different shapes and sizes and have various applications. In this article, we’ll be examining three reasons why every business still needs banners.

They’re highly targeted

One of the things that makes digital ads very appealing for most people is the high accuracy of the targeting done. Digital platforms can help organizations find buyers who are very likely to make purchases due to their previous buying history.

With physical banners, the targeting is also very specific, albeit location-based. For most small businesses, the most critical customers come from just around the corner. Therefore, it’s important to have signage that reaches out to those within your immediate vicinity.

When properly designed, your banner can be used to attract the exact kind of people you want at your establishment.

They’re inexpensive

At first glance, when compared to digital ads, physical banners may seem the more expensive option. However, when you take a closer look, the reality tells a different story.

While the initial outlay for digital ads may be small, you have to keep paying for them to continue enjoying the benefits. The initially small fee can quickly skyrocket into thousands of dollars worth of ad spend.

With physical banners, the initial outlay is all you need. The banners are typically reusable and very durable, lasting years in many cases. Even when you outsource the design and printing to companies like Printmoz, you find that the return on investment is worth it.  For instance, roll-up banners can be used across different events to drive foot traffic to company stalls without incurring any extra cost.

They’re effective

As one of the oldest forms of advertisements, banners have been tried and tested for many years. There are sure-fire methods of creating and placing your banners to ensure that they bring in customers and sales.

Banners are typically designed to have eye-catching graphics that make customers pay attention to your brand. Make use of complementing color schemes and text fonts to make the designs more attractive.

Experienced designers make their banners blend with the environment to ensure that they feel like an accessory rather than an intrusion. This allows potential customers to interact with the banners multiple times without ever feeling overwhelmed by advertising material.


Using physical banners and digital ads don’t have to be an either/or decision for any business. Both options serve different purposes and can be used to complement one another. Even when budgetary decisions have to be made when it comes to advertising, it’s essential to put the organization’s marketing needs front and center.


Feature Image by Prawny from Pixabay