Thin and muscular :)

Body composition assessment

Today was the day to find out if all this fitness is having a real impact on my body, if it’s making a difference and I am fitter, stronger and more muscular. And so I was measured on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer…..

Tanita BC418

And here’s the lowdown, with the really important bits:

  • Age: 38
  • Height: 5 ft 6
  • Body type: Athletic
  • Fat Mass: 24lbs
  • Fat Free Mass (muscle, bone, tissue, water etc): 103.lbs
  • Muscle Mass: 97.8lbs
  • Total Body Water: 70.8lb (makes up 55.7%)
  • Bone Mass: 5.2lbs
  • BMR: 1366 kcal
  • BMI: 20.5
  • Metabolic age: 23
  • Visceral fat rating: 2
  • Physique rating: Thin and muscular


I am very pleased with these results, because it means that my body is responding to the weights, the workouts and the time and effort I’m putting in.

photo (31)

As you might be aware, I had boobs once – big ones. And anyone back in the day I would have described me as curvy/booby. No more, it’s Fit Brit from now on, and I don’t miss those puppies one bit!

In fact, the area that has pleased me most is the Metabolic Age – 23! I remember being 23, and being v v v v slim (thin), having a flat stomach and weighing about 115-118 pounds (too little), but I wouldn’t say I was ‘fit’ then (not in the exercise sense!), so whilst I was smaller, I was not ‘athletic’. And the key now is that I maintain my body weight, but begin to improve on fitness levels and increase my muscles and tone that body (especially those abs!).

I think my husband might like the fact I ‘have the body of a 23 year old’….!! That’s how I’m going to present it to him:)

Today has been a good day. I had the pleasure, also, of being taken through my paces for this body composition by Bonnie Pace, at Columbia Gym, who is Howard County’s top personal trainer. Awesomeness!

Cake and chocolates and conflict

The conflict of exercise and food rears its head on a daily basis for me.

But I never thought that I would feel the anguish of taking a Zumba class and being given the most tempting piece of chocolate fudge cake ever by one of my students (she actually is 70, and is quite amazing!). I would show you a picture of the cake, but I ate it 🙂

Then, lo and behold, there were only ruddy chocolate hearts on the desk in the Zumba studio, for national heart week, so I had to have a couple of those too.


But you know what I’m thinking….I have the metabolic rate of a 23 year old! I’ll burn it off!