The Perfect Floral Gift for Every Occasion

Flowers, especially bouquets and larger floral arrangements, are a hugely popular gift whatever the occasion. Whether it’s a single red rose to say ‘I love you’ or an elaborate wreath to say goodbye at a funeral, there are the right flowers for every one of life’s most important moments.

However, some flowers are more appropriate than others for different occasions. For example, a man giving a bouquet to his partner to show his affection might choose a selection of her favorite blooms in her favorite colors. A woman giving flowers to a male partner might choose more traditionally ‘masculine’ colors and shapes, or include a lot of greenery in the arrangement. In these cases, personal taste is the most important consideration.

On other occasions, there are specific flowers that are most suitable as they work for the nature of the occasion and send the right message. Read on for how to know whether a pink carnation or a yellow rose is the way to go.

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Whether a wedding is small and casual or big and formal, most will have flowers of some description, and most couples will place great importance on choosing those flowers. You’ll need to choose something that works with both your color scheme and your venue, and need to decide on whether you’re sticking with simple buttonholes and bouquets or want to include centerpieces and other arrangements. You want all the floral arrangements to work together and be cohesive, even if you’re choosing a wide range of types and colors.


The first thing to do when considering which flowers to send to a funeral is to make sure the family is accepting flowers. Many people now prefer an alternative token, such as a charitable donation to the hospital that treated their loved one, or a cause that was close to their heart. Always check for an ‘in lieu of flowers,’ or ask if you’re unsure as getting it wrong could send the wrong message.

If you do send flowers, make sure to choose blooms that are appropriate for a celebration of someone’s life. If you know their favorite flower, maybe include it, or choose colors that they loved and wore often. Just make sure not to go too far as huge, brightly-colored floral arrangements can be jarring in funeral settings, and you don’t want your choice of flowers to be the main talking point.

You should also make sure to always include a card with any funeral floral arrangement.


Birthdays are another occasion when the personal taste of the recipient takes precedence, as pretty much any kind of flower will be appropriate. That doesn’t mean you should just buy any old thing, of course. You can make your birthday bouquet really special by looking up the meanings and messages behind specific flowers and curating something extremely personal. Roses, carnations, dahlias, peonies, and tulips are all popular picks.