The NHL expansion era and how Baltimore missed out

The decade was the 1960s and hockey fever was sweeping the nation, so much so that the league doubled in size towards the end of the decade.

As popularity for the sport continued across many states it appeared certain that Charm City would be awarded a team. However, over half of a century, later nothing has changed and the big question on everyone lips, especially die-hard hockey lovers in Baltimore is- why does this city still not have an NFL team?

Despite being touted as an early favorite for expansion, back when the league first drew up plans for six new squads during March 1965, Baltimore was unable to secure a place, much to the disappointment of locals.

In fact, even before the NHL had agreed to double in size in the 60s it had been toying with the subject for years. Baltimore was an ideal location in the eyes of many but in early 1963, Jack Adams, then-coach and general manager of the Detroit Red Wings, made his case for the NHL expanding, but he had his own ideas on how the new reformed league structure would work out.

Adams was determined that the new NHL needed to extend its reach to LA and San Francisco. The opinion received support at the time because other major sporting leagues were also growing rapidly but NHL representation on the West Coast was very limited. That signaled the end of Baltimore joining, at least in that round of team expansions.

Fast forward a few years and Baltimore once again explored the possibility of landing an NHL team during the next round of expansions in the 1970s. However, in 1970 Buffalo and Vancouver were awarded franchises, again much to the disappointment of hockey fans in Baltimore.

When the Washington Capitals joined the league in 1974-75 and started playing in Maryland, the dream of an NHL team in Charm City looked set to be over.

For now, however, although Baltimore hockey fans may not be able to support the team of their city they can still have a sports party and follow an exciting Stanley cup with the Boston Bruins favorites for glory in the tournament if you regularly follow NHL hockey betting tips and parlays.