The Next Cyber Hub: Maryland Attracts Cyber Companies

As technology continues to advance, cybercrime advances with it. For this reason, technology professionals are constantly looking for new opportunities to increase their cybersecurity strategies. Businesses’ need for tech admins is continuously rising as they try to prevent letting hackers into their sensitive data. If you want to get close to the developing action in technology and cybersecurity news, you need to learn about the new cyber hub in the United States. Read on to learn how Maryland is attracting cyber companies. 

Home To Government Agencies

One of the most prominent reasons for cyber companies’ heightened interest in Maryland is that it is home to major government agencies. The state holds over 40 government agencies. While this is impressive in and of itself, major technology-focused agencies are included in these organizations. The National Security Agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Defense Information Systems Agency are all located in Maryland. Additionally, the state houses the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, NASA and DoD Cyber Crime Center as well. Major cyber companies cannot hold back their desire to relocate to spaces near such well-established, influential agencies. Therefore, they are moving toward them.

Rise In Cybersecurity Industry Firms

Another element drawing cyber companies to Maryland is the already rising rates of cybersecurity industry firms. Companies who want to improve their strategies and make a difference typically move toward professionals who can assist them in achieving their goals. They pay close attention to weekly cybersecurity news and act accordingly. They discover that companies are more likely to impress consumers and other businesses in the technology world if they are located among the industry’s leaders. Since major tech firms are settling down in Maryland’s “Cyber Town USA”, many other business owners are starting a business in Maryland to provide complementary services. They hope to find more business opportunities in Maryland’s technology hub. 

Baltimore’s Diverse Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Additionally, one of Maryland’s most popular cities, Baltimore, has an impressively diverse cybersecurity ecosystem that is attracting companies. With tons of cybersecurity industry firms flooding into the city, Baltimore can offer cyber companies more opportunities. From cloud migration to regulation, the city holds advantageous possibilities. In addition to the cybersecurity tools, Baltimore is also home to a large number of businesses in other industries. Since more and more companies in various markets are realizing that they need protection against hackers, Baltimore is great place for cyber opportunities. The abundance of businesses that do not specialize in technology need cyber companies’ services in the popular Maryland city. 

Educational Advances Impacting Qualifications

The school systems play a part in attracting cyber businesses to Maryland as well. The state’s education system is taking strides toward improving their students’ ability to find jobs post-graduation. Most students grow more excited when told that their opportunities are growing. Therefore, these educational advancements are motivating students to work harder in their courses. In turn, they boost their skill levels and can complete more difficult tasks. When students understand more strategies in the technology field, they can qualify for more advanced positions. With that being said, cyber companies entering Maryland will have plenty of candidates to choose from. Then, they can grow their businesses. This is yet another factor that attracts cyber companies to the state. 

The Excitement Of A New Cyber Town

Lastly, the excitement of a new “Cyber Town” drives cyber businesses to Maryland. When companies hear of a new opportunity, they prepare themselves and take advantage of it as soon as possible. Technology companies desire to leave Silicon Valley and other notably tech-focused areas in the United States. Their desire stems from the idea of relocating to newly established areas. Since Silicon Valley has been considered the nation’s tech capital for years, the competition level is high. At a new cyber hub like Maryland, the competition levels are lower. Cyber companies, therefore, see Maryland as a state of immense opportunity. 

Cyber companies are being drawn to Maryland for numerous reasons. For instance, over 40 government agencies, including multiple tech-focused organizations, thrive in Maryland. Cybersecurity industry firms are flooding to Maryland, making it more appealing to other companies within the same market. Companies appreciate Baltimore’s diverse ecosystem and, as a result, want to relocate there. The education system’s advancements are better preparing students to take on technology positions at well-established companies. Since technology can save businesses time, this is a very advantageous tactic. Finally, business owners and their employees view the new “Cyber Town” as an exciting, more opportunistic alternative to Silicon Valley. For these reasons, Maryland is attracting cyber companies.