Can Technology Save You Time as a Business Owner?

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Due to the busy lifestyles we lead, it can be easy to feel as though we don’t have the time to get the important stuff done due to a large number of smaller tasks that need our attention.

This is, even more, the case for entrepreneurs who are forced to juggle different job roles with little or no help, especially if they run a small business with no employees. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years to the point where business owners are saving a significant amount of time each day with the introduction of time-saving strategies.

If you are a business owner, check out how each of these technological tips can help you save time:


The reliance on automation in business has never been greater. If you spend too much time paying bills to clients and managing the inventory, for example, you may find that you haven’t got time to concentrate on other priority tasks that are now pushed to the bottom of the list. Instead of manually having to deal with these types of tasks, automation technology can do it all for you. Financial automation software can be set up so that bills and wages are paid on time, while apps such as inventory tracking mean you can keep an eye on how much stock you have so you can reorder at the right times.

With the very heavy reliance on technology being favored over manual work when it comes to automation, you may be worried about your electricity bill expenses as a start-up entrepreneur. Rest assured, you can compare the best business electricity rates, so you don’t have to pay over the odds for this convenience.

Managing social media effectively

If social media wasn’t a big enough step in making marketing to a worldwide audience easy and convenient, the process has been made even easier. To save time writing out individual posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are various scheduling tools available where posts can be scheduled on multiple platforms at the exact same time.

You may also find that during your business hours, you’re browsing through your feed constantly for personal use which is wasting time. If this is the case, you can download blocking applications such as AntiSocial, which only allows you to gain access to your personal social media accounts at allocated time slots during the day.

Meeting electronically

Business owners are often expected to attend meetings to talk to clients; however, the travel to and from the venue and the time spent in the meeting itself can eat up a significant portion of the day. Instead of having to correspond with every single client face-to-face, technology has made the process far more convenient, with personal interaction being communicated through video calls such as Skype and Apple’s application – Facetime. This method would also be useful for carrying out emergency business meetings out of office hours or making contact with remote workers who are too far away to make it into the office.

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  • December 20, 2019 at 4:47 AM

    In fact, a lot of technologies and programs now save a lot of time for business management. You can even take any automated software, billing software, time tracking software. Anything, even Excel tables now can save you a lot of time on data processing

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