Take care of mental wellness and wellbeing to stay healthy during Covid19, says EJ Dalius

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Although the scourge of the Covid19 pandemic has driven people to the edge by dealing a heavy blow on their self-confidence that has affected their overall wellness and wellbeing, there are ways to stand up and become your own self once again.  According to Eric Dalius, to take charge of your life that helps to stay energetic and lead a meaningful and happy life, it is imperative to navigate the troubled times by avoiding the negativity prevailing all around you.  Start by looking after your physical health to stay fit, and then start nurturing positivity that builds wellness, which helps you enjoy life by fulfilling the goals you have set.  It is challenging to maintain a level head when things are going topsy turvy due to the pandemic’s severe disruption of regular life.

The challenge lies in your ability to brave the odds with a strong commitment so that you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to stay happy and cheerful regardless of the pandemic wreaking havoc and devastating lives and livelihoods.   Remember that making changes to your lifestyle is an ongoing process focusing on protecting your emotional health that plays a critical role in your wellness and wellbeing at all times.

The process of bringing changes to lifestyle begins by concentrating on your inner-self and staying committed to your efforts in building positivity that influences your mind and keeps it fresh.  Begin by establishing your wellness goals so that you can create a plan for achieving them. Remember that the goals should be in sync with your lifestyle and achievable. According to Eric J Dalius, making the right choices about leading a healthy life by sticking to a routine of exercise and a healthy diet while maintaining a positive attitude are the perfect recipe for safeguarding your wellness and wellbeing during Covid19.  It will become an investment for your life even when the pandemic goes away. Making well informed and healthy choices is the best way to ensure good mental health that supports healthy living.

Nutrition and proper diet

The kind of food you choose forms the foundation of health for you and your family, says EJ Dalius.  However, this does not mean that you must compromise on experimenting with your culinary experiences, provided you do not cross the line. Firstly, take home-cooked foods only as it is a healthy practice. It is not too hard to develop the habit provided you can resist greed and stay committed to your health and fitness goals. Snacks are not bad as long as it has healthy ingredients. Keeping such snacks handy will help treat your kids with something that teaches them how to make healthy choices.

Secondly, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in plenty should constitute your diet with minimal spreads of chips and sweets. Thirdly, follow a time table for eating only when you are hungry and avoid eating in between, increasing your carving and upsetting your plan of following a healthy diet. Start the day by having a solid breakfast so that you have your next meal during lunch only.

Choose your food by focusing on its nutritional value and maintain the right balance of different food items so that the body receives all kinds of nutrition. Eat in a moderate amount and avoid being full, especially for less nutritious food items.

Build a Positive attitude

The way you look at life influences your mental and physical health. Having a positive attitude about life motivates you to work for health betterment that improves your wellness and wellbeing. As you know what is right for you, you can make healthy food decisions more efficiently to maintain good health and strengthen immunity to fight Covid19.  When you start doing things that are healthy and enjoyable, it builds positivity and increases your self-confidence. Stay firm in your beliefs about healthy living, and do not forget to make life more enjoyable by adding an element of fun in most of the things you do. Practicing Yoga and meditation helps you take control of your mind by cutting off the negative vibes generated by the continuous churning of news and information about the pandemic. While you are forced to stay at home, try out new and interesting activities that contribute to healthy living while keeping your mind insulated from the negative forces around you.

Maintain a schedule of activities

Discipline is essential in life because it helps the mind to stay in control. Avoid engaging in random activities but instead, create a routine of different activities aligned with the life goals you can carry out during other times. Stick to the routine of activities diligently but, at the same time, remain open to deviations that can occur at times to suit the situation. Keep away from people who exude negativity, make friends with people who believe in positive living, and look at life with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Amid the limited scope of adding variety to your activities while you are at home, please make the most of it by taking short breaks and indulging in innocuous but exciting things relaxing the mind.

Safeguard your emotional health

Besides looking after your physical health, pay equal attention to your emotional health and that of your family. Preach healthy living by exercising, healthy eating, and engaging in other physical activities without missing out on the slightest opportunity of having fun and spending quality time with the family. The more you stay involved with the family, the better it is for your emotional health. Being amid the family members will keep you cheerful and improve bonding that generates a feeling of goodness and fulfillment while energizing the mind and improving your emotional outlook.

Stress is a silent killer, and the times are bad, that can make things worse.  Stay alert to identify the environmental elements that build stress and stay away from it or take measures to prevent it from affecting your mind. The better you manage stress, the higher will be your health quotient that inspires happy living.