Spilled Ink

Eternal Torment

The memories
of the moments
we regret,

Are the memories
and the moments
that haunt us forever.


Saw her once,
never made a move.

Saw her twice,
and never pursued.

Ever since then…


I know I’m hard to love.
Would you rather me easy to leave?

I carry more passion than my heart can hold.
Would you rather me be empty instead?

I speak with a confusing babble in my own words.
Would you rather me have nothing to say?

I see things that you will never truly understand.
Or, would you rather see nothing in me at all?

Cherry Blossoms

Our romance was short-lived. A reminder of
how fleeting time is. Stunning blooms like that
are quick to be found. Although, those pedals of
passion fall fast to the ground. It’s the type of
memory that exists without a guarantee. A passing
moment in time, like a cherry blossom tree. The
sign of a beautiful beginning. Yet, also the sign of
the end. The latter of which is where we part ways.
No longer in love, nor even as friends.

All selections from Spilled Ink (Haunted Owl Press, 2021) appear here with the permission of the author, Justin Bamforth.