South Bay Energy Reviews is a Brand-New Microsite for Aspiring Energy Savers

Saving energy will now be easier for both homeowners and business owners thanks to a new educational microsite by leading power and gas provider South Bay Energy, called South Bay Energy Reviews.

The new microsite is located at Through the website, users can gain access to a wide range of tips for living more eco-friendly lives and reducing their utility bills. They will also learn how the steps they take to save energy at home/work can help to save the planet.

For example, on the website, readers can find out why going paperless is a smart idea at the office. They can discover how to save money by using appliances featuring Energy Star stickers. The microsite additionally provides innovative ideas for meeting energy needs of the future, like tapping wetlands as sources of power. Readers can learn how green roofs help reduce energy consumption and offer an aesthetic appeal too!

The microsite is a way for South Bay Energy to expand its reach beyond 1,800+ core customers located throughout New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois. The company recently announced that it had offered a fully renewable power product since that start of 2019.

South Bay Energy continues to attract attention in the energy industry because it is passionate about informing customers/readers about their choices and thus helping them to make educated decisions regarding their energy needs (both now and in the future). The company takes pride in offering competitive energy rates as well as continually providing service to that is safe and trustworthy for its customers. It will no doubt continue to set trends and make a positive impact on many individual lives and on the world at large.