Sometimes The Hardest Thing

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Sometimes the hardest thing about love is the the things that you can’t say

The things that words can not express or when words just get in the way

When miles, time, careers, dreams or circumstances are like the stone that forms a cliff

But underneath it all, you still care….the love at the core of your heart you still share


Sometimes you can’t be everywhere, be everything or even just one thing

We all wear many hats, have many sides and many roads to travel

Some of those roads are smooth, others are rough as gravel

Castle walls as high as the sky, but with a breathtaking view of the sunset


You can open your heart to the world

Give away every ounce of kindness inside

And still need, still bleed, and still quietly shed tears at night

Because all you truly want is for all of the people that you love to be alright


Sometimes for all that you are gifted there’s one gift that you wish for

And for all of the needs you satisfy, you want to fix one more

If only a single hug could fix it all, as an emotional intervention would be a bit too much

Attempting to find peace in the eyes of another, instead of in the heart within yourself


Hold me, kiss me, love me

Accept me, respect me, protect me

Unconditionally, unabashedly, unapologetically 

Do you really know, do you really understand the things you don’t see


Reflection in a pool

Staring deeply into the person that you see before you

How do you feel about what is mirror back to you

Sobering….leaving you so weak that you can not speak


Reflection in a pool…..asking for love.

©2012 Dream Citadel Productions

(Feature photo by Larry Luxner)

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  • May 30, 2012 at 12:00 AM

    I feel blessed by your raw creative energy. I really enjoy the unique way in which you express your insights about the basic issues of life. I pray that you keep shining to help dispel the darkness overtaking this world.

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