Small Town

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So you think our small town’s

so damn pretty

while you get on your soapbox

‘bout crime in the city.


Maybe on the outside,

the rivers and hills,

but, hear me brother,

small towns can kill.


Be a little bit different

or fight city hall.

You’ll have a target on yo’ back,

won’t be so small.


Lose you some hope.

Get strung out on dope.

Drug problem here?

Leaders say, “Nope!”


Yeah, get on your soapbox

‘bout crime in the city.

Cover them blemishes,

say we’re just gritty.


Let’s get real, bro.

It’s about that time.

I’m sick of this shit.

I’m droppin’ a dime.


Ain’t nothin’ special

‘bout white and small.

You don’t know the city.

You’ve built your own wall.


Ain’t nothin’ special

‘bout white and small.

trauma and abuse,

sisters takin’ the fall.


No, ain’t nothin’ special

‘bout white and small.

There’s blight in both places,

dreams all on stall.


I’ll make you a deal, bro.

Let’s take a ride.

We’ll spend a week in the city.

We’ll walk far and wide.


We’ll meet some good folks,

some mean ones, too.

We’ll spend all our money

before we are through.


If on the way home, bro,

you feel the same way,

that small towns are bright,

the cities all gray,


I’ll settle back in.

I’ll chill for a while.

But when I think of my city,


I’ll cast a wide smile.

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