Six Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing a Chesapeake Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to file for divorce is a critical step so you need to hire the best attorney to handle your case. Individual situations vary, and your lawyer needs to not only understand your uniqueness but also be experienced in the area. This is why we recommend that you interview your Chesapeake divorce lawyer for the most reliable choice in a local lawyer.

Questions to ask a Chesapeake divorce lawyer:

Are you looking for a reliable Chesapeake divorce lawyer? Start by doing your homework on the best lawyers around with respect to qualification and experience.

Divorces come with complex custody battles, hefty legal fees, court fees, property settlements, documentation, etc. You, therefore, want to get a confident lawyer that will represent your desires at the lowest cost possible, while ensuring you get the most in the end.

Here are the critical questions to ask your prospective lawyer.

1. Is divorce your area of specialization?

Multiple law firms cover a variety of law areas to reach a wider pool of clients. However, you want to get a lawyer that specializes in divorce to ensure all your litigation interests are addressed. So, only consider a lawyer whose primary area of practice is divorce for the best outcome. This is because such lawyers have more confidence, competence, and expertise to handle family law as opposed to a general practice lawyer.

2. How will the case communication be conducted?

Effective communication is critical in legal matters, and divorce proceedings are no exception. Your potential divorce lawyer should explain how case developments will be communicated. Will you receive phone calls for urgent issues or emails?

Avoid making any communication assumptions because different attorneys have varying preferences for communication efficacy. Your divorce lawyer should show concern for your case by communicating constantly to update you on the progress. The lawyer’s availability for communication also counts. Who wants to be put in a voicemail when looking to talk about your case? If you need a physical meeting, the lawyer should also be able to schedule one as the need arises.

3. Who will handle my case?

Many established law firms are reputable for the milestones made by the top partners. However, these firms tend to task junior lawyers with cases from new clients, yet they’re less experienced.

To cut on costs, the firm may solicit help from interns, paralegals, and other junior staff since their services as cheaper hourly. However, an attorney should represent you in court, whether you’re appearing physically or opting for a deposition.

4. What is your strategy for my case?

Your divorce proceedings are special, so you want an attorney who is attentive to your demands and understands your situation. The competence of lawyers varies depending on the typical strategy and approach. The approach your chosen attorney uses will impact how much you gain or lose after the litigation.

Go for a divorce attorney with well-rounded expertise to handle your unique situation. Be sure to ask the lawyer how long your case might take to resolve.

5. Do you handle men or women clients?

Men and women have varying perceptions, so their judgment and reasoning may differ. Also, the rights of men and women differ, hence, choosing a lawyer that represents your gender will go a long way in winning your case. Although you’re looking for empathy, you don’t want a lawyer that might connect emotionally to your estranged partner.

6. How are your charges?

This is probably the first thing you consider when choosing a divorce lawyer Chesapeake. Begin by setting your budget as a guide for the level of expertise you deserve. The law firm you go with should concisely show the hourly rates of every professional working on your case (attorneys, interns, paralegals, secretaries, etc.)for transparency.


Feature Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay