4 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

Golf is renowned as a well-mannered sport that requires practice and patience, but the benefits of being involved in such a sport are not always focused upon. It’s a unique sport, unlike any others, and it can be as expensive as you make it – with golf clubs, clothes and clubs available at different prices. Here are four reasons you should pick up the clubs and take a swing!

Improve Your Physical Health

Without a doubt, golf is a fantastic cardiovascular body workout, with an average 18-hole golf course being around 4 miles long. Opting to walk with your golf clubs and carrying your golf bag means that you can build up muscle strength too in your arms and legs. Your muscle is further built up when swinging your golf club and lining up for your shot. In golf, you don’t even realize that you’re exercising and exerting energy because you are so invested in the game, which makes the sport a great way to lose weight, and maintain this healthy body.

However, despite golf offering a multitude of benefits for your physical health, it causes little damage and stress to the joints. This means that you can continue playing the game into your old age, without worrying that you’re going to be injured. This is why you’ll find that most golf players will start young, and end up playing the game with their same friends when they are much older.

Ease Your Anxiety

Golf can serve as a healthy distraction in the open air, away from the stresses, worries and concerns that you have going on elsewhere in your life. As it involves a great deal of concentration, you are able to channel your focus and mind into the game for a few hours, which can actually allow you to go back to your problems in your personal or professional life with a refreshed and open mind.

Building Relationships

Golf offers the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships, as well as being beneficial for building business rapport with other individuals from different organizations too. Many business professionals actually use a round of golf to work out new partnerships and discuss agreements together. Not only is golf fun, but it’s productive too for your working life! However, if you wish to keep golf as a strictly pleasure activity, there are endless ways that you will meet new people while playing at a golf club – especially if you enter competitions.

Honing a Skill

Not only does playing golf itself mean that you build up your driving and putting skills to work towards lowering your handicap, a way of measuring the ability of amateur golfers, but you develop a whole host of other skills too that you can use in other areas of your life. For example, golf requires concentration, commitment and following etiquettes. These skills that golf helps to develop will help you in your other hobbies, and in your working life. You aren’t limited to playing an 18-hole round of golf if you wish to work on your golf skills, but you can instead hit a few shots at a driving range, and even play from your own living room with a golf simulator like Rain or Shine Golf. This makes the sport extremely versatile and accessible for all.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, golf can be a game where you need to expect the unexpected, and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Start today by visiting your local golf club and signing up for a lesson, or a round of golf.


Feature Image by Pexels from Pixabay