Simple and Effective Methods of Live Mail to Outlook Migration

In the modern digital era, with various modern email services and updates, sometimes it becomes difficult for users of different email services to communicate and to transfer to a more  up-to-date system. Given the multifunctionality of the Microsoft Outlook, other services become outdated and abandoned by a large number of users. This usually comes together with the hardships of making a transfer to Microsoft Outlook.

In order to explain to you how to easily and efficiently convert windows Live Mail to Outlook we will discuss all the issues connected to such a conversion. Given that Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook use different formats, EML or EMLX and PST, respectively, it is rather difficult to transfer emails manually. Companies have developed special software tools which are usually sold as a license.

Manual Versus Automated Emails Transfer

Many users may have tried to convert their emails into the PST format so that these become available in Outlook. And it is most likely that you have come across the following problems:

  • Large size EML or EMLX files cannot be manually converted;
  • High probability of data losses during the conversion process;
  • In special cases manual transfer does not work according to the common scenario and has to be updated which is a rather difficult task;
  • It takes much time and even more efforts.

Otherwise, when converted automatically, emails tend to sustain the hierarchy of folders. One may also convert only the selected files with the special transferring tool which allows automatic locating of Live Mail storage folders and files on the user’s hard drive. It is also responsible for automatic extracting of messages from Live Mail storage files and saving them in the EML format.

The last but not the least, the program automatically converts the extracted email files to either an existing Outlook profile or simply a PST file. Thus, you receive flexibility of either transferring your emails to Outlook on the same system or saving them to a PST file than can be easily copied to any other computer. Such a mobility is not available when conducting a migration manually and therefore is of special value to users.


To wrap things up, in order to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook, one has to decide whether this will be done manually or automatically. In the first case user is most likely to encounter numerous issues like inability to convert files of large sizes and high probability of data losses. In the second case, one is usually provided with a high quality service of emails migration for moderate cost and under conditions of the single license payment.