Save Money by buying Used Kitchen Cabinets with this Guide

Remodeling your kitchen so it looks classy and elegant is a great idea. However, the cost associated with such remodeling is discouraging. A remodeling project can cost you anywhere up to 6 figures. Guess what is the main reason for the high cost in remodeling projects? The Kitchen Cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets for sale are built with expensive hardwood veneers that can form half of your kitchen remodel cost. With the inclusion of some special accessories like organizers, lazy susans, etc., the cost increases. One way to avoid this outrageous remodeling cost is to buy used and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets.

Types of Used Kitchen Cabinets

There are two types of cabinets: display cabinets and used working cabinets.Used working kitchen cabinets are used cabinets that a previous owner decides to sell or giveaway due to remodeling. They’re most times worn out, unlike the new cabinets.

Home improvement stores and local kitchen showrooms are the best places to find used display kitchen cabinets. These kitchen cabinets are usually displayed to present real kitchens.
Display cabinets are usually removed once a previous owner needs a store space, decides to do away with a discontinued line of business or eventually goes out of business. Display kitchen cabinets are usually fairly used. They don’t get beaten up like real kitchen cabinets. They also don’t get soiled with food residue and cooking grease.

What to Expect From Used Cabinets

Used working kitchen cabinets vary in sizes. They can either be full 10-foot by 10-foot or full size. Either of these two sizes might be inclusive of non-cabinet elements such as faucets, sinks, and sometimes, lighting.

You might only get a set of cabinets with regards to your used display kitchen cabinet. Or, since the countertop adds no value to the other sets of cabinets, homeowners tend to include it with the sink attached to it.

It’s common to find renowned brand names like Kraftmaid, Merillat, StyleCraft, Welborn, Quality, etc., when shopping for used display cabinets. These brand names usually come in farmhouse-style/glazed pantry and based cabinets including cutting boards, glass door inserts, pullouts, and fixtures. The price of these extra elements is reduced far below the original price.

Alternatively, you might find soft-close maple cabinets with a copper faucet, a farmhouse sink, cabinet lighting, and counters, and quartz counters. These extra elements might also be inclusive of accessories like wine racks, bread boxes, and spice racks with their prices usually at half their initial factory price. The manufacturers added these extras for the purpose of making massive sales. The extras were added like ornaments to the display cabinets in order to attract and convince potential buyers.

Drawbacks of Used Kitchen Cabinets

Used working kitchen cabinets are usually in their worn-out stage, hence, you wouldn’t find them looking all sparkling. You’d most times find cooking grease and food stains on these uses kitchen display cabinets with also delaminating cabinet drawer fronts, doors, and box sides.

It’s often common to see used display cabinets with weaker doors and drawers than you’d see them being used for cooking. In essence, used cabinets are usually subjected to random opening and closing by potential customers who at most times end up not buying these used cabinets.

It’s common to see kitchen cabinet showrooms follow the trend. Hence, you’ll always find showrooms display items like granite countertop samples. If at a showroom and you notice that a display kitchen cabinet isn’t on display, then it’s safe to conclude that such a cabinet is old-fashioned.