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Satisfy your international clients with a superior importing partner

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or reseller of technology, or if you work in the networking security, cloud computing, or data center spheres, you’re painfully aware of the difficulties associated with shipping overseas and the red tape that can disrupt cross-border transactions. You know how important it is to find good partners along the entire global supply chain on whom you can rely, as well as working closely with local distributors to help sell your goods and grow your business. Even with these solid relationships in place, shipments can still get stuck at the border. These frustrating delays can significantly harm your bottom line once clients look elsewhere for suppliers who can quickly and reliably deliver in your place. Therefore, a vital partnership in your global distribution set-up needs to be an experienced importer.

An importer needs to have specialized familiarity moving technology to every region where your clients reside and operate. They need to be able to comply with every intricacy and every single piece of documentation related to customs – currently and to keep up-to-date with any changes that come along. It’s also important to check their references. Which other technology companies have they worked with, and in which countries have they regularly conducted business in the past? It takes a lot of time, research, and money to invest in handling cross-border transactions, so the ability to hand these tasks over to a credible and reliable partner frees up your time so you can focus on your primary business and save money on hiring someone in-house. Maintaining data centers, servers, and other technological infrastructure, and having clients impatiently waiting for important, time-sensitive parts to arrive, means finding an importer who specializes in technology is an absolute necessity.

Partnering with an Importer of Record (IOR) to import your IT equipment will assure customs compliance and satisfy clients anywhere you conduct business or have the ambitions to expand to in the future. Often, an IOR is required by law to be negotiated between buyer and seller and working with one that offers door-to-door service globally is a wise choice, no matter what is legally necessary. TecEx is a glowing example of an importer with complete reach to over 180 destination countries and that doubles as tax recovery specialists to fetch a refund on any indirect taxes incurred. They take on the risks associated with international shipping, and they obtain the right permits, licenses, and any documentation, accurately and in full. They specialize in moving IT equipment and know how to handle the extra hassles attached to shipping dual-use goods. Their relationships span the global supply chain and can help arrange the best brokerage and local delivery options, too. They’re also happy to work with your carrier of choice if preferred. To further ease your mind, TecEx has an online portal to estimate and track your shipments along the way, so you can always be aware of the status of your goods.

You manufacture excellent equipment and offer stellar services to your clients—don’t disappoint them by running into frustrating trouble at the border with unnecessary delays and added fees. Secure smooth and streamlined services by partnering with an Importer of Record who knows exactly how to deliver to where and right when you need it.

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