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Lombardo: Release the body worn camera video footage

LAS VEGAS — The Baltimore Post-Examiner is hereby requesting Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo to immediately release the body-worn camera video footage of Officer Elif Varsin in its entirety, unedited with the time/date stamp for October 1, 2017.

We believe without any equivocation whatsoever that body footage will indicate exactly what time Officer Cordell Hendrex and Varsin along with armed security personnel from the Mandalay Bay left the security office after being notified of an active shooter at the Route 91 Music Festival.

We believe that Varsin’s BWC footage will also show them entering the guest elevator at the casino level and who exited at the 31stfloor and or 32ndfloor while Stephen Paddock’s gunfire was reigning down on the concert venue.

The BWC footage should also indicate the time Mandalay Bay armed security personnel, Varsin and Hendrex arrived on the 31st floor as reported by both Varsin and Hendrex in their Officer’s Reports.

Hendrex stated in his report that he did not turn on his body camera until much later when he was inside the stairwell. We also request that his footage containing the time/date stamp also be immediately released.

We also request that MGM Resorts International, the owners of the Mandalay Bay Hotel immediately release the surveillance video footage with the time/date stamp of the guest elevator that Varsin and Hendrex along with Mandalay Bay armed security personnel entered on the night of October 1.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner knows that the requested elevator time/date stamped surveillance video footage exists and will show who exited on the 31stand 32ndfloors while the gunfire was in progress.

MGMRI previously released guest elevator surveillance video footage of Paddock entering and exiting the guest elevators on the 32nd floor.

As first reported by the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Mandalay Bay Security Manager Sottile told the FBI and the LVMPD in a recorded interview that Hendrex had exited on the 32nd floor with him while the gunfire was ongoing and that Hendrex and he remained on the 32ndfloor after the gunfire stopped and covered Paddock’s room to make sure no one exited from the rooms.

Obviously, Hendrex could not have been on the 32nd floor with Sottile and on the 31st floor with Varsin and other armed Mandalay Bay security personnel.  If Sottile gave false information to the FBI and to the police, he should face criminal charges.  If Hendrex and Varsin were not truthful in their statements, then they should be terminated immediately and face criminal charges.

The LVMPD and MGMRI have been covering this up for the past eight months and it’s time for the cover-up to be exposed.

As previously reported in several stories by the Baltimore Post-Examiner, Varsin and Hendrex stated they were on the 31st floor of the Mandalay Bay while gunfire was originating from the 32ndfloor.

Hendrex stated he told everybody to retreat, that he was terrified, he hesitated, that he froze for how long he could not say and that he hesitated again while the gunfire was still ongoing, and he did not know what to do next.

Hendrex heard the gunshots, he knew what was occurring across the street and failed to act to protect those lives.

Varsin’s body-worn camera footage in conjunction with the guest elevator surveillance video footage should not only result in who is who is telling the truth but will also put to rest the timeline of when armed personnel responded to the 32nd floor.

The last timeline that was given by the police is that Paddock started firing at 10:05 p.m. and the last shots were fired at 10:15 p.m.




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  1. Anthony Beltman says:

    So Poppa, I’ll share one of the things from this Wed dump (as Lombardo re-elects!): the order to turn off bodycams!! What do you think Poppa:

  2. Anthony Beltman says:

    Very thoughtful article and request! Problem seems that no one is suing to get this evidence released(?) Maybe Poppa could find out whether any of this has been in front of the local judges…

    My understanding is that LVMPD’s info dumps are occurring every Wednesday. What’s come to light today? Besides bodycams/indoor CCTV, what’s the date of facade CCTV (pin-point minutes/seconds of window breaks); and finally the “lock interrogation” release?

    Yes, statements collected from responding MGM personnel and POs are in contradiction on a number of data points. Everyone (including investigators) sounds immature. And here is the only mass media raising hell ??


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