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Make his Father’s Day unforgettable with a feast

If you are planning on making a homemade dinner as a Father’s Day gift, then you should take this as an opportunity to really show off. Don’t pick any recipes that you would cook on a regular weeknight like meatloaf, tuna casserole or stir-fry — make his holiday positively unforgettable with a feast.

Think of extraordinary dishes that he would pick from an expensive restaurant menu, like a surf and turf dinner made with lobster tails and grilled filet mignon. You can easily put together this classic entrée by using the website Lobster Anywhere to order live Maine lobster, New York strip steak or filet mignon steaks directly to your house. They also have amazing surf and turf gift baskets that you can order, like the Proper Bostonian Lobster Dinner package that comes with Montecristo and Cohiba cigars. The website can ship any order to your home address for the day that you need it so that your ingredients are as fresh as they can get. Pick simple but elegant sides for this dish like grilled Caesar salad, buttery mashed potatoes, green beans smothered in garlic, saffron rice pilaf or roasted asparagus stalks.

Follow up your amazing main course with a rich dessert that will get him to pat his stomach in satisfaction. A thick slice of homemade red velvet cake will be a decadent way to finish off this grand Father’s Day dinner — or you can take the batter and use it make personal cupcakes instead of a big double-layer dessert. Coat the cake with layers of frosting made with softened cream cheese, butter, icing sugar and vanilla, and then decorate the top with cake crumbs, dark chocolate shavings or fresh raspberries. Pair the sweet and filling dessert with a piping hot cup of black tea, a mug of freshly brewed coffee or a classic glass of plain milk.

The last thing that you should do for this special occasion is make him a cool drink that he normally wouldn’t prepare on his own. Stock up your bar, pull out your nicest glasses and surprise him with Father’s Day cocktails that pack a punch — use his favorite flavors and alcohols for recipe inspirations, so you that you get him something he will want to drink to the last drop. If he likes dark rum, then you should pour him a dark and stormy, and if he likes tequila you should pull out your blender to make a batch of margaritas. Here is a table of exquisite cocktail recipes that you should try based on his alcohol preferences:


Type Of Alcohol He Likes Cocktail Recipe To Try
Beer Maraschino Snakebite
Scotch Sin Cyr
Rum Dark And Stormy
Rye Old Fashioned
Vodka Moscow Mule
Gin Negroni
Tequila Margarita


This Father’s Day, he will be so stuffed with great food and feel so pampered that he might start dozing off in his chair. It will be a true testament to the fact that you planned, cooked and served an impressive feast just for him.

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