San Bernardino Police:  American heroes

Another mass shooting tragedy occurred in the United States.

Terrorism or workplace violence or a combination of both made no difference to those that were killed or wounded.   The end result was the same, death and carnage.

Innocent people were once again the victims.

The terror the victims endured before they were shot is what we should be concerned about right now.  The families of those killed and the survivors and their family members is what I am thinking about.

All too often American law enforcement comes under attack for the actions of a few bad cops.

I saw American law enforcement at its best.  I watched great cops doing a thankless job.

From the first four San Bernardino police officers who entered the building looking for the active shooters, to the police officer who was shot and wounded engaging the two suspects and the hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers who responded to assist, true American heroes all.

Without a moments thought they placed their own lives in jeopardy to protect the community.

Yes, I know that’s what cops get paid to do.

But lately we are led to believe by some in the media and their so called experts that cops across the country are hesitating to do their jobs, not going above and beyond and losing their heart and soul for the job.

To those that say that, take a look at what happened in San Bernardino, California yesterday.

You all should be ashamed if you say anything like that again.

As a former police officer my hat goes off to all those law enforcement officers that responded without hesitation.

You showed the country and the world why the United States is the greatest country on the planet.

Thank you all.