Safety Tips when Visiting Tampa, FL – From a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Image by jharris407 from Pixabay

Around 130 million people visit Florida each year and approximately 30 million of them spend time in Tampa. Routinely ranked as one of the most popular tourist locations in Florida, Tampa has everything to offer, including theme parks, spectacular beaches, and bustling city life.

When you’re visiting any location, however, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of exploring somewhere new. Unfortunately, this can leave you vulnerable to accidents and injuries. According to a couple of well-known Tampa personal injury attorneys, here are three safety tips to follow when visiting Tampa to avoid getting hurt:

1. Keep Your Belongings Safe

Tampa has a relatively low property crime rate in relation to the rest of the U.S., but 329 robberies and 4,674 thefts were reported in the city in a single year. If you’re exploring a new area, do your research first and make sure you’re not inadvertently wandering into a location that’s known to be dangerous. In addition to this, keep your belongings carefully stored in a zipped bag or inside pocket, so that you’re not at risk of having your purse, wallet, or phone stolen.

2. Watch Your Step To Avoid a Slip & Fall Injury

Across America, falls account for around 8 million emergency room visits each year and the latest statistics show that falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations across all age groups in Florida. When you’re visiting a new location, you’ll be eager to see the sights but don’t forget to look around you! Missing your step or falling over a cracked paving slab can easily lead to serious injuries and wreck your trip to Tampa. By being vigilant, you can reduce your chances of getting hurt.

3. Get to Know the Roads in The Greater Tampa Bay Area

If you’re traveling to Tampa by car or you plan on hiring a vehicle when you get here, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the road system. Around 25,000 crashes occur in Hillsborough county each year and you don’t want to be involved in any of them. Before you get behind the wheel, plan your route and make sure you’re aware of any unusual junctions in advance. Similarly, avoid driving at peak traffic times, if possible, as more congestion on the road can increase the risk of collisions occurring.

Seek Legal Help After an Accident in Tampa

No matter how careful you are, it isn’t always possible to avoid getting hurt. If you’ve been injured because of an accident while visiting Tampa, you may want to get in touch with a local personal injury attorney. By seeking legal advice, you can find out if you’re eligible to claim compensation for your injuries and how much your claim could be worth.

In addition to getting medical help after an accident, obtaining legal advice can help to minimize the long-term impact that injuries can have. While an unintended injury during a vacation or business trip could affect your time in Tampa, taking legal action could prevent it from affecting your finances in the future.