Sadigh Gallery Pleased to Announce Improved Sales After Moving Popular New York Gallery Online During Pandemic

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Sadigh Gallery, located in central New York City has experienced a rise in sales after moving its popular collection of artifacts online sales.

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Sadigh Gallery in New York has not closed for a single day throughout the pandemic and has, despite all odds, gathered several positive reviews and boosted its sales worldwide thanks to its increasingly popular online delivery service.

Throughout the pandemic, New York’s leading seller of authentic cultural antiquities and artifacts switched to 100% online sales. Since moving online, the company’s sales have increased, and Sadigh Gallery is frequently impressing customers with how quickly their orders are being shipped and received despite nationwide mail slowdowns.

 Ancient Artifacts

Sadigh Gallery stands out not only for its top-tier customer service but also due to its high-quality and comprehensive selection of legitimate artifacts. In addition to offering antiquities, the family-owned gallery also sells one-of-a-kind ancient jewelry and coins from all over the world. The company has publicly said they take pride in providing wholesale pricing on its entire collection, which can be found on its website. The same wholesale pricing is also available in its catalog and at its physical location along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. These beautiful antiques would make wonderful gift ideas for everyone on your list in the upcoming holiday season.

Sadigh Gallery’s extensive collection of antiquities represents almost every culture present in recorded throughout the world’s human history – ranging from Europe to Africa, South America, and the Middle East. The collection is designed to meet the needs of not only serious antiquities collectors, but also individuals who are seeking single pieces to complement their existing home décor or even those with a small interest in world history. In addition, each antiquity in the collection comes with the company’s guaranteed Life Certificate of Authenticity as well as additional information and documentation concerning the artifact.

 About Sadigh Gallery

Sadigh Gallery was founded in 1978 and to this day takes pride in completely guaranteeing its antiquities’ authenticity. Because it offers its global artifacts at wholesale prices that are highly competitive, ancient artifact connoisseurs can easily take advantage of them.

The gallery’s top-selling artifacts include Persian ceramic bottles in a wide variety of colors and designs that would make a beautiful addition to any collection or home. Customers have also readily embraced Sadigh Gallery’s many Roman glass pendants, Greco-Roman arrowheads, and Greek spear points. The company provides a wide range of American, Asian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Celtic, and even Holy Land antiquities, among others. In addition, the gallery promises to offer refunds for any purchases that customers consider to be unsatisfactory.

Orders for select artifacts can be placed online or by phone. In addition, note that promotion codes and discounts are available in the company’s catalogs and mailings. For more information about Sadigh Gallery’s current selection of artifacts from all over the globe, call (800) 426-2007, or email

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