Ron Cadman of Investar USA: Vegas Becoming Home to Many Californians

Some call her Las Vegas. Others call her Sin City. But for many people who used to live in California, they now call the bustling Nevada metropolis home. Las Vegas was once known for its transient nature, as it drew many gamblers and vacationers looking for a good time. However, Vegas is now becoming a permanent place of residence for people from all walks of life – primarily because of the relatively low cost of living, proximity to California and lifestyle, according to real estate investor Ron Cadman of InvestarUSA.

In fact, a reporter with KTNV news station in Las Vegas recently published an article about how a California apartment complex actually shared a leaflet encouraging people to relocate from the Golden State to Vegas. According to the news article, the complex has properties in both locations and is encouraging its residents to transfer to Nevada, where it has 10 times the number of units as it has in California.

“The article is another example that people living in an environment of skyrocketing-cost-of-living states, like California, are deciding it makes sense to leave and relocate to cheaper states, such as Nevada,” Cadman said. “We see this exodus continuing, with the most critical harm to California’s future being impacted by the loss of the family-formation age demographic.”

Ron Cadman possesses more than three decades’ worth of real estate industry expertise spanning multiple areas. These areas include land use planning, multifamily construction, residential construction, distressed asset repositioning, finance structuring, and real estate acquisition. Between the years of 2008 to 2012, Cadman and his real estate team acquired hundreds of homes off the courthouse steps in and around the Phoenix MSA. Now focusing heavily on multifamily properties, he continues to stand out for effectively transitioning properties from underperforming buildings to revitalized communities that demand top rents in their respective submarkets.