4 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid While Keeping Parental Control over Kids

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It is the 21st century and we live in a modernized world that maybe our forefathers couldn’t imagine. Everything is available on the click of a finger and dismissed at the flick of the same finger. But something remains constant that is the relationship between parents and their children.

Although in this world where everything is so accessible, relationships are becoming distant. The parent-child relationship that was before is definitely different these days. Today parents don’t just have to control the playtime outside of the home. They have to control their children’s access to devices that can teach them both good and bad things.

To control the usage of these devices and protecting their child’s innocence parents have adopted the concept of Parental control. In this parents control what their children see, how long they can see things and restrict their access from a lot of things that they feel are harmful to their children.

But doing all this are we forgetting the child? The child will only learn what the parents will allow him/her to learn. Wouldn’t all these restrictions become suffocating for the child who would take the parents to be ultimate enemies that are there to hurt him?

To avoid all the possible above scenarios and keep the child safe as well, the parental control should be within certain limits. These are the 4 things you should avoid using parental control

1. Trust your child

Don’t check everything of your child every moment. Give them the space to breathe and share with an intimate friendship in which they can trust you enough to tell you everything happening in their lives. If you keep a constant lookout on their things they will feel the lack of trust and hesitate on telling you things which might harm them in the future. Here parental control apps like FamiSafe which offer location tracking can be a useful tool as you can monitor your child’s location and keep your mind at peach while your child enjoys their time without your constant bugging

Also, another common mistake parents make is that when a child tells you of a mistake parents rush into a rage and punishing a child. Sometimes it’s okay to not punish them for the mistakes they did as long as they accepted their fault. Doing this will develop a healthy trust between you and your child. Hence he/she will be able to come to you when they have problems.

2. Talk to your child about vital topics

In your home broadband, you can control what your child sees but what if they see those things at other places. In that scenario instead of understanding the child might jump onto things unknowingly that they might harm him.

So talk to your child instead of restricting things which you want your child to be protected from. Reports have shown that teens of parents who talk to their children about topics like sex are less likely to do the act. A lot of teenage pregnancies could have been prevented if only the child had known what they could’ve done to protect themselves.

3. Controlling the creative videos children what just because they seem useless to the parents

The child having the same personality as the parents is as normal as the child having a completely different personality than that of his parents.

Creativity comes in all forms and leaning a skill even if it is not useful in childhood is definitely okay so let your child explore every corner of this world without thinking of the ‘usability’ factor in what he/she is learning to do.

Remember as parents we have to ‘Raise the Child we have, not the child we want them to be’

4. No Online Parental Control

Although you take full care of your child but in this digital age there is always a scare that your child might get into bad influences online. Their young impressionable minds can easily fall prey to fraudulent and scammer.

Here parental applications like FamiSafe come into play and are what you need. They inform you if your child gets any suspicious messages or if they are indulged in any online game which can be addictive. They are a safe way to exercise parental control as checking your child’s phone again and again may get the child to feel that you don’t trust them with anything. The solution to all this easy with apps like FamiSafe (knee pads)

Parenting is a beautiful meant for mistakes and imperfections goes by the beautiful role nobody’s perfect