Ristorante Ottaviani an Italian restaurant worth visiting

Is it really true I’d travel close to three hours simply to enjoy a delicious Italian meal?

It appears that is the case with Ristorante Ottaviani since it is located in Cumberland Maryland and I live in Pikesville.

Full disclosure: I happened to be at Rocky Gap Casino, nine miles to the west.  But I would travel to eat there again.

I was here about a year ago and when I discovered I was going to be close, I knew I had to return.  The food, the atmosphere and the staff, including the owners, are something I wanted to experience again.

This is indeed a family owned restaurant.  The son is Tony, the wife, Tanya, the mother, Adrienne and the husband Philip.  During my last visit I had a wonderful 20 minute chat with Adrienne.  She alone is worth the trip. I asked to be adopted.

The restaurant just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary – a big deal in the food industry where if a restaurant goes five years that’s a long time. It is open everyday for dinner only.  The dress is casual and reservations are suggested on weekends.

The menu is basically divided into six categories – appetizers, like antipasta, fried calamari; salads, try the Caesar; seafood, the scallops pesto; pasta, like the alfredo bolognese; meat like the filet and abruzzo chicken; and of course desserts, try the cannoli.

The restaurant is on two levels.  On the main level is the open kitchen.  You can watch your meal being made.  I suggest you just eat it.  There’s seating for about 75 and that includes the outside area.  And as for parking, in Cumberland it’s no problem. There’s also the bar

Every evening you’ll see something on the menu called “Daily Creations.” And that’s what it is.  Each day the chef comes up with something to tantalize you.

So, if you’re heading to western Maryland for anything, perhaps on your way to Deep Creek Lake, I suggest a dinner at Ristorante Ottaviani.

It’s located at 25 North Centre Street in downtown Cumberland. Call 301-722-0052 or visit to ottavianis.com