Retired Las Vegas Police Capt. Larry Burns disputes story that Lombardo asked his endorsement by offering him a position

LAS VEGAS — Last week 360 News Las Vegas ran the story, ‘Did Sheriff Lombardo bribe former LVMPD Captain Larry Burns for an endorsement?’

The story was authored by alt-right activist Laura Loomer.

According to that story, a source within the LVMPD confirmed that Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo recently met with former LVMPD Captain Larry Burns and during this meeting Lombardo reportedly begged Burns for his endorsement.

The story states that when Burns told Lombardo that he would not give him an endorsement, Lombardo allegedly told Burns that he would give him a position at the LVMPD if he was elected to a second term as Sheriff.

Burns retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in December 2013 with the rank of Captain.  He ran against Lombardo in 2014 and lost his bid for Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada.

On Monday Burns responded on his Facebook account to the story as follows:

It has been reported that I had a meeting with Sheriff Lombardo during which he offered me a position at LVMPD in exchange for my endorsement in the upcoming election.

Let me be very clear.  I am not sure, nor do I wish to argue, how these allegations came forward, but I must clarify something that I have direct knowledge of.  Sheriff Lombardo did not, nor has he ever, offered me a position at LVMPD.  It is I, that have always offered everything I have to support the men and women of law enforcement in making our community a safer place to live.  That offer was on the table long before I ever ran for sheriff and remains so today.  I am the one that has offered to assist LVMPD in any way that I can.  Those of you who know that I make every attempt, no matter how feeble, to do the right thing.  I have spoken to both the Sheriff and Tim Bedwell regarding the upcoming election but there has been no quid pro quo.  Ever.

Sadly, elections have become so negative and I have no control over that, but it is morally right to ensure that we operate from a basis of fact.  These are the facts.

Authors note:  Tim Bedwell is a retired North Las Vegas Police Department Officer and former US Marine who is challenging Sheriff Joe Lombardo in the upcoming June primary election.








One thought on “Retired Las Vegas Police Capt. Larry Burns disputes story that Lombardo asked his endorsement by offering him a position

  • May 16, 2018 at 9:01 PM

    It seems there is at least some meat on the bones of the story that alt right activist Laura Loomer authored. Burns did in fact meet with Lombardo, and an “offer” was also in fact made. However, Burns says it was him presenting it to Lombardo in whatever form it was made in rather than the other way around. It is certainly possible that Burns set up the direction of the conversation by opening up an opportunity for Lombardo to receive his message in a certain way and respond in an equally non committal, yet receptive and agreeable way. Grownups know how this works.

    What I would like to know is why Lombardo is granting a meeting to Burns in the first place, a former subordinate of his, a constant critic of his on tv and the internet, and a former opponent of his. How and why does Burns get a sit down with him when NOBODY in the media can get any access to him on major matters of public importance including the Paddock 91 shooting. Its not like Lombardo needs him as an adviser or confidant, nor is it a case that Lombardo has a history of meeting with his critics, community activists, and opponents to humor them, clarify for them, or outreach to them. It is perfectly reasonable, in fact an enduring tactic, that Burns meeting with Bedwell was a cover for when questioned, allowing him the out to say he met with both candidates, of course. Maybe he and Bedwell discussed their grandchildren and golf games…

    Im absolutely certain there is a very long list of the above mentioned groups of people that would love to get a meeting with Lombardo, why cant they? Even Doug Poppa agrees that the mealy mouthed, corrupt, compliant, corporate media have been near criminal in their horrible non coverage of Paddock/91. It was despicable to watch them submit to Lombardo and Rouse as they blatantly lied and mislead or withheld the truth. They have been loyal pets to Lombardo and the powers that be. Where are the equally obedient alt left activist opponents of Loomer to counter her claims, and to show that Lombardo is clean in this very suspect meeting with Burns? One thing no rational observer can dispute is that Lombardo is a proven liar, and a real nasty one at that.

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