Ravens: Call Ray Lewis

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Does anyone have a quarter? We need to make a call.

Seven touchdowns for Peyton Manning and that’s only because time eventually ran out. Manning tied a record that has been standing for some time. The last time that happened was in 1968 when  Vikings rebel Joe Kapp tossed that many in a single game.

The worst defensive performance in terms of letting up points in the team’s history.  Do you think Ray Lewis will be meeting these guys off the plan? We bet he will have a few choice words with them before they take the field next week. In fact, how about putting Lewis on the sideline and let him call the toss and lead the team on the field in Baltimore? Let him use Skype in the away games so he can light this team on fire. No one will want to take a call from Lewis – so perhaps that will motivate this team to play like champions.

Does anyone have a quarter. We need to call Ray Lewis. (Chris Ammann)

Joe Flacco’s offense wasn’t much better. He’s not the type of player to get into anyone’s face. They had that offensive player last year. He’s playing for the 49ers this year. How many times did you say last night – Anquan Boldin would have caught that ball?

News Flash: Dallas Clark you are not Anquan Boldin.

Special teams stunk it up with a punt getting blocked to set up Manning on the 10-yard line. If you give the ball to Manning on the 10-yard line, why not save time, and just give him the points? Perhaps there should be a rule.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh also missed a golden opportunity to challenge Wes Welker’s non-catch, which eventually set up another Manning touchdown. Someone tell the assistant coaches, preseason is over.

But look at it this way, Terrell Suggs promises a rematch will come playoff time.

We are just wondering what year will that rematch be?

Two suggestions:

Call Ray Lewis.

And tell Boldin to stop laughing.