Quoting a Prime Incident from Watan News, an Arab American Newspaper Best Known for Revealing Truths and Sensitive Topics

Freedom of the Press is a crucial right to be enjoyed by media persons but very few get a chance to utilize it which varies from country to country. For obvious reasons, speaking the truth attracts opposition and demands courage on the part of the journalists, and one such is Nezam Mahdawi, a Palestinian-American journalist and founder of Watan News, an independent Arab American news media corporation created with the objective of revealing the truth to everyone without any fear of pressure from local and international governments.

Based in the USA, Watan News provides worldwide content with an unbiased approach or any favor toward a particular political party. It covers all sensitive issues that prevail in society like the marriage of an elderly man over the age of 100 who married a woman decades younger than him. This is a true incident that happened in Iraq, which is very unusual and rare to have happened that got covered by Watan News.

The Iraqi man, Mikhlif Farhoud Al-Mansoori married for the third time in his lifetime in the remote village of Sumer, which is about 180 km from the capital, Baghdad, in the presence of his family and his great-great-grandchildren. His son Abdul Salam mentioned that his father married another woman after the death of his first wife in 1999, with whom he had children as well. “My father asked us to find another woman for him, and that is what happened,” he quoted.

The elderly groom’s son mentioned that the choice fell on a beautiful woman born in 1985 to whom his father got married. Abdul revealed that he offered sexual stimulants to his father on the wedding night to which he mocked him and refused to accept. Activists consider what Mikhlif did as evidence of his love for life and optimism. Mikhlif is a father to ten children- 6 boys and 4 girls. His grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren all participated in his wedding. It is worth noting that such a marriage is very rare in Arab countries. In 2020, the marriage of Jordanian centenarian Aref Al-Jeddah, who is also of the same age as Mikhlif, was registered.

Such topics are overly sensitive and require a great deal to get published. The newspaper comes in two copies per week, print and electronic with its website updated around the clock. The first publication of Watan News was released in Washington in March 1991. Today, the newspaper is available for distribution in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Texas, Washington, and throughout the USA.

Watan News aims to emphasize good governance and be a strategic ally to all Arabs and foreigners within the next few years.