Professional Lash Glue Remover, or How to Remove Lash Extensions Safely

Before choosing the best lash glue remover, you need to know when it is used, what ingredients it includes and what types are available on the market. If you are an inexperienced lash-maker, this information might come in handy. You’ll find out everything about lash extension glue removers and when they should be used. Let’s delve into details!

What is Lash Glue Remover?

Lash glue remover is a liquid or cream designed specifically for dissolving lash glue and making the removal procedure fast and easy. You need to remove extensions after three or four weeks of wear because of the limited growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Therefore, in three weeks, some extensions will have already fallen out and the rest should be removed. A lash glue remover usually has a thick formula, which works perfectly without leaking down into your client’s eyes. A top-quality remover dissolves the adhesive off the natural lashes without actually damaging them. If you use professional glue removers by Stacy Lash, this procedure won’t take too much time!

If you are a lash artist, you should always make sure your clients know to avoid pulling off the extensions at home. As a result, they may lose their natural lashes and hurt their eyes. It is much better and safer to remove the extensions at a salon where a professional lash artist will do it within minutes without damaging the natural lashes.

What Are the Basic Types of Glue Removers?

Some of them can be used at home whereas others are intended for salon use only. However, we recommend always using the services of a professional eyelash artist with experience in this niche. Have a look at the types of glue removers:

  • Cream remover. This one has a creamy consistency and is very easy to use. Besides, it doesn’t burn the eyes.
  • Oil-based remover. Mind that there’s a broad selection of oil-based removers, depending on the kind of oil in their base. They usually come in small tubes with convenient brush applicators.
  • Gel Remover. This one also has a creamy consistency, but it doesn’t include oil.
  • Solvent remover. This item has a liquid consistency and is usually applied with the help of a cotton ball. However, you should be very attentive while choosing the best option; some of them may comprise too harmful chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes. Besides, it is impossible to apply them at home. It is much better to ask a qualified lash technician for help.

The key mission of a lash glue remover is to remove lash extensions and any trace of glue from your natural eyelashes. Professional lash-makers usually use them in the following way. They take two small brushes covered in remover and wedge every lash in between. Simply put, a lash artist will brush through the eyelashes and as a result, all traces of glue will be easily removed. This procedure doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

If you are still hesitating and can’t choose the best option, we recommend choosing the Stacy Lash glue remover, which will make the removal process smooth and easy. Doesn’t matter what kind of glue was used before, this product will easily remove any kind of extensions.