Poppa: Las Vegas Police compromised crime scene by leaking photos

One of the leaked photos that most likely was shot with a cell phone, according to Doug Poppa.

One thought on “Poppa: Las Vegas Police compromised crime scene by leaking photos

  • December 20, 2017 at 6:51 PM

    Doug you’ve got to put yourself in that leakers position as a cop who confronted corruption and lies as you did when you were in the force. Now that cop you are complaining about has given you and the public the evidence to question the sheriff’s verdict which was made public before any forensic investigation could take place. If those pics had never been seen by the public nobody could question Lombardo’s verdict. I think the guy who took the pics and passed them on deserves great credit and I doubt if he asked for any cash for them because he knew that Paddock had two bullet holes, one in his heart and another through his mouth probably leaving the bullet fragments in the floor under his head. You think Lombardo waited long enough to check that out? Perhaps that cop tried to tell the boss that Paddock was murdered. You know they wouldn’t listen to him if they had already made their minds up what to say in public.

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