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‘Photography Allowed Me to Express Myself Artistically,’ says Renowned Photographer Hikmat Wehbi

The ancient artists painted the drama of death and life. Today, photography seizes the human condition and expression – better than most of the other artistic mediums. Even though it has taken long to realize, but it holds true that photography is one of the most serious arts of our age. There’s nobody out there who perceives the world the way a photographer does. And not only that, but someone who views photography as an art has his or her own emotional lens through which he or she frames things. Similar is the case of the Lebanon-native, Hikmat Wehbi – an entrepreneur and a professional Director of Photography & Creative Director, who believes that photography allows him to express himself artistically, and that, by capturing moments, he enables his inner-genius to bud wings, glide, and inspire others.

Hikmat Wehbi

“Art, most often, is created from us attempting to express ourselves. To me, photography makes me more human, creative, and free. If we don’t express ourselves – either verbally, artistically, photographically, or creatively – there’s a possibility that we may start to get depressed. Having found my passion and solace in photography, it was a strong enough reason for me to pursue it. It was and will continue to be my self-therapy,” shared Wehbi when speaking on why self-expression is a quintessential thing.

Even though Wehbi found his calling for photography during his early years in Lebanon, he realized a deeper sense of connection for his art only after he moved to Dubai, UAE, as a young adult. To his surprise, photography generated much more than sheer bonding and brought him closer to nature, people, and everything else that he was trying to capture. He also added, “Self-expression through the means of photography helped me reveal to myself my personality. Moreover, I learned my own likes and dislikes, and what made me sad and feel joyful. I remember, when I first started my journey by establishing W Studio – which now happens to be the oldest photo and video production house in Dubai – I choose the image I wished to photograph, but as I realized a sense of self-awareness and expression through photography, the image began to choose me.”

With over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, Wehbi has had the chance to cater to a vast number of clients, including Chalhoub Group, Google, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Chanel, Dior, Carolina Herrera, and L’Oréal among many others. One of Hikmat’s clients won an Effie Award through a work collaboration with W Studio for Google. Over the years, W Studios has evolved from photography into a full-fledged production house. From videography and social media content to crafting content for successful YouTube series, Hikmat Wehbi’s passion for exploring new waters has made W Studio a leading name in Dubai and beyond.

The ace photographer concludes by saying that the best photographers and artists of any form are the ones who create pieces of work that reflect on who they are, the amount of effort they put into their work, and how they see the world. “Being a creator is a lifestyle – there’s no right or wrong – it’s just about pursuing your passion and exploring self-expression,” added Wehbi.

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