New Tech Your Staff Will Love: Employee Scheduling Software

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While everybody gets tired of work sometimes, for restaurant workers the job can be grueling, stressful and physically tiring. If you’re managing a restaurant, it’s important to do everything you can to make the job appealing.

Not only is it important for employees to enjoy their place of work, where they spend a big chunk of their life, but it helps restaurants retain their staff, which is often a problem in the restaurant industry.

Here is how employee scheduling software will transform the way your staff relates to your restaurant, and how it gives your managers the tools they need to run a restaurant in the modern age.

Great Schedules, Quickly

The primary function of this software is creating schedules everybody loves in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This keeps your staff busy with the tasks that matter to your restaurant, and the ones with which they identify, rather than wasting time in the staff room trying to sort out so many moving pieces.

Employee scheduling software uses a combination of automation where possible, while also taking every employee’s personal schedule into account — staff can submit leave requests to their manager remotely, which helps them organize their personal life while giving them the empowering feeling that their place of work values their time.

Better Schedules

Not only is the speed important, but the schedules created by employee scheduling software are much better for both the restaurant and the staff. There is software trusted by 250,000+ restaurant pros around the world which ensures that you’ll never schedule someone who can’t work, or accidentally schedule someone without knowing they have worked enough that month to qualify for overtime pay.

Employee scheduling software takes the needs of each employee and effortlessly makes it fit the demands of the restaurant, to the satisfaction of everybody. By relying on both automation and manual inputs, the schedules created aren’t just produced in less time, they’re better.

Advanced Time-Clocking

Rather than just punch “in” or “out” of work, employee scheduling software also has a secure and simple but powerful time clock that lets managers track breaks and manage tips. It can work both online and offline.

With punch audit reporting, this time clock helps you enforce your schedule and custom breaks without having to do any extra work.

Modern Communications

Employee scheduling software puts an end to staff using sticky notes on crowded calendars to indicate their availability — now they can use a drag-and-drop technology to remotely tell their managers when they’re free to work.

If a manager needs to tell something to all their staff, they can simply post it in the group message. They can also create custom groups to message a specific department or team.

Modern tools that help keep your restaurant staff happy while also giving managers more control are too important to ignore — if you get employee scheduling software today, you’ll get happier and more motivated staff, as well as a needed bump to your bottom line.