Can the Right Mattress get rid of Back Pain?

Back pain is a vague term with a multitude of definitions. It can mean a sudden, unexpected discomfort that is debilitating and has no apparent cause, or can be something chronic and irritating but tolerable and anywhere in-between these two poles.

If you suffer from back pain, the solution to your problem could be as simple as changing your mattress.

Is Your Mattress Causing Your Discomfort?

You may know exactly where your back pain is stemming from, such as an old injury or genetic trait, but did you know that your mattress could be exacerbating your problem? If aches and discomfort throughout your joints seem to crop-up with no apparent reason or outstanding condition, the culprit could also be your mattress. In either case, a bad mattress helps no one.

There are a few ways to prove that your mattress is the reason behind your backaches and discomfort. First, pay attention to when you initially notice the pain. Is it when you get out of bed in the morning? Does it go away when you start moving and stretching? These are good signs that your mattress is the source of the issue.

To further evaluate the problem, are you frequently waking up feeling more tired than when you fell asleep? You could be tossing and turning or getting restless sleep due to bodily discomfort. If the springs in the mattress are pushing on your pressure points or your mattress is not aligning well with your body’s natural contours, you could be experiencing low quality sleep.

Finding a Mattress to Relieve Your Back Pain

Were the answers to those questions a resounding “YES!”? If so, it’s time to replace your mattress with one that will help you sleep and feel better all around. Here are some tips for finding the right mattress to alleviate your back pain.

  • Choose a mattress that aligns with your sleeping pattern. The key to a great mattress is finding one that supports your back and body’s natural contours. This isn’t the same for everyone and depends on how you sleep and your physique.

Certain mattresses are better for side sleepers, while others are designed for back sleepers. Determine your comfortable sleeping position and look for a mattress recommended for that style.

  • Consider your body type. Your height and weight play a significant role in determining what density and firmness you need in a mattress. If your physique tends to fall in the average or below average range, a medium-firm mattress is recommended to prevent unnecessary pressure on your body. For the above-average body types, you might prefer a more firm option.

Whichever way you go, be sure the firmness supports your body’s natural curvature to avoid creating unnecessary pressure.

  • Pay attention to how your neck will be supported. It’s not just about the mattress. Your pillow is an integral part of how well your body is supported as you sleep, too. If you’re a side sleeper, you will need a pillow that is soft but firm enough to keep your neck balanced evenly between both of your shoulders. Your mattress should be soft enough to be pliable and let your body curve naturally but not so soft that you have no support.

Those who sleep on their backs are more prone to sleep apnea and snoring. You need a mattress that provides firmness and support but keeps your spine aligned naturally. Your pillow should also be soft enough to let your head rest comfortably in-line with your spine. Stomach sleepers should avoid soft mattresses altogether.

Each Night recommends medium-firm mattresses, especially those made with memory foam to allow pliability and support, as a great choice for most people, regardless of their body type or sleeping position.

  • Look for mattresses you can try no obligation. It’s not always easy to tell if a mattress is going to be right for your body unless you have slept on it for a while. Reputable mattress companies know this and many of them offer money-back guarantees and short-term test periods ranging from 30 to 100 days.

Use this opportunity to try out a mattress and see if it helps your back pain. The relief and quality of sleep you receive because of an excellent mattress often outweigh any cost concerns. And if you don’t like it, you can return it based on the terms of the trial period.

The Perfect Mattress is Within Your Reach

No matter your budget or sleep preferences, a little research will lead you to a mattress that is right for your body. Avoid mattresses that are too soft or too firm to keep the pressure off of your spine and joints. If you are sleeping on a mattress that it feels just right, and you wake up the next day feeling refreshed, you’ve found the bed you need to invest in right away.