NBAs Most Legendary Moments

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As one of the most popular leagues in the USA, and indeed the world, the NBA has had some awesome moments over the years. Of course, it still continues to produce great moments today, and if you like to wager on the NBA, you might want to check out the bonuses offered here. There’s something for everyone through this resource, so do look at it when you can.

Alternatively, on this website, you can find other bonuses and betting markets. The NBA could soon be back in full swing, so why not take advantage while you can? Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in with the NBA’s most legendary moments.

Moments That Shook the NBA World

1. Ray Allen – 3 points to force OT in NBA Finals

In terms of clutch 3-point shots, they don’t get much bigger or better than this one. Ray Allen sunk a 3-point shot with just seconds on the clock during the 2013 NBA Finals. Heat were 3-2 down against the San Antonio Spurs, and they were seconds away from bowing out until Allen sunk this remarkable shot.

Not only did the Miami Heat then go on to force OT in this game, but they then went and destroyed the Spurs in game 7, courtesy of an immense LeBron James performance. This was truly an amazing moment in NBA history, and who could forget the commentary – “out to Ray Allen, BANG!”.

2. Kobe Bryant – no flinch


Kobe Bryant is a legend of basketball, period, and the world is still recovering from his untimely death at the beginning of 2020. However, there is a lot to celebrate about this man’s life and his NBA career, and famously, his ‘no flinch’ reaction during a 2010 game. Bryant was standing in front of Matt Barnes so that he couldn’t pass the ball back into play, and Barnes faked throwing the ball into Bryant’s face, but he didn’t move an inch.


He also gave that smile that only Kobe Bryant could do too, showing Barnes that he had just been made a fool of. Of course, this was just one of many legendary Kobe Bryant moments, and we still can’t believe that we won’t be seeing this guy on the basketball court ever again.


However, as is the case with all legends, they never truly disappear, and this moment is still one of our favorites to watch over and over again.

3. Michael Jordan – return to NBA in 1985

Arguably the greatest ever, Michael Jordan was just an unearthly talent out there on a basketball court. His shot-making, passing, and playmaking were just absolutely incredible, and it’s only players like LeBron James that have even come close to this guy’s talent.

That’s why we just had to list this moment, as Michael Jordan came back from a 17-month ‘retirement’ to grace the court once more for the Chicago Bulls in 1985. As he famously stated – “I’m back”, and the crowd went absolutely nuts! If that wasn’t impressive enough, this is the most-watched NBA game ever, with approximately 35 million viewers.