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My Dream Citadel (From The World That I Have Made)

I live here creatively in a place that I call The Dream Citadel

A place where I weave worlds of sound

Build cities of words and windows of images

Pictures, video and stories

I live here emotionally, in this place that I call The Dream Citadel

Where all I do is love

I gather that love from inside of myself and from the love that I see in the world

Reading social media and seeing the world through the eyes of friends

Exploring new music that I buy, new stories that make me cry, programs that make me sigh

I speak softly, if at all

Surrounded by technology

So in love with the gentleness, hope, kindness and compassion that I see

Day after day, time after time throughout so much of humanity

Like a child, I am fascinated

Amazing people, beautiful words, sounds that surround my mind and soul

This is who I am, and where I dwell

Here I am knocking on the sky to see what I can see

And reaching out to the world to see who hears me

Messages in a bottle sent digitally

When opened, it’s magic surrounds you, embraces you

Engaging your mind

And opening your eyes to new perspectives and a different view of reality

So in love with doing this

So in love with doing this for the world

So in love with sharing this 

Offering love

From my heart to yours

I am here….hoping that you will accept my gift, and understand who I am inside.

 As I look out of the window, and stare at the moon from my Dream Citadel.

 With the shyness and tender heartedness of a child.


©2012 Dream Citadel Productions

About the author

Barron Parker

Barron Parker has mastered 13 different instruments ranging from keyboards, bass, and percussion to exotic instruments from across the globe. In 1996 he founded Dream Citadel Productions and has produced numerous artists. He has released three critically acclaimed albums available on iTunes:“Passionately (2003), “Love Letters” (2004), “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has released two poetry books: “My Poetic Journey: The Early Years” (2007) and the companion book to the album “Love, Passion and Fury…I Am” (2009). He also has his own online radio show “The Dream Citadel Evolution Show” on where he interviews various artists. Contact the author.

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