Most expensive sporting events to travel for

Avid sports fans and athletic buffs would not want to miss out on any of those priceless and momentous sporting moments, even if they cost the sky. After all, nothing can beat the experience of being in the heat of those exciting moments and see their beloved sportsmen or athletes in action.

Well, as they say, all good things come at a price, so don’t be surprised to see hefty price tags for some of these sporting events. Nothing to worry as Cash lady is always willing to help you out in case you run short of cash. It is more important not to miss those exciting and hysterical moments of your favorite sports as you watch your favorite team play.

Here are some of the most sensational sports that are expensive too:

Olympics– Another ever-popular and one of the favorite sporting events in the world is the Olympics. People are absolutely crazy about the event that showcases the best of sports and athletes from all across the world. Sports lovers can buy tickets to their favorite sporting events like swimming, basketball, tennis, cycling, and more. Most of the tickets get sold online and can easily cost $4000 per seat.

Cheltenham Festival – Get ready to experience some of the best equestrian action during the Cheltenham Races and watch your favorite teams go on to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup. You will love the whole experience despite the expensive tickets that promise you one of the best atmospheres in racing and jumping action. Jockey Club channels sell official tickets that can cost around almost 100£.

NBA Finals – NBA sporting events are always memorable, and the tickets of the final games can easily cross $130,000. But those higher costs will not deter the ardent fans from seeing their favorite team in action even though the ticket prices hit the roof.

Masters Tournament – Golf tickets at the Masters Tournament certainly do not come cheapened golf enthusiasts certainly do not like to miss out on the hot tournaments with even hotter tickets. Fans love to see famous golf stars up close and personal and do not mind the higher prices even if they touch $5,000!

Wimbledon Finals– Wimbledon is another highly anticipated contest for both Men’s and women’s Finals. Tickets are not only very hard to come by but can go as high as $65,000. However, still, the stadiums are jampacked!

British Grand Prix – British Grand Prix race-day tickets are said to be more expensive in other countries like Brazil and Abu Dhabi than Britain. The tickets for the British Grand Prix cost about £40 more than the equivalent tickets in another Grand Prix and can be nearly double in some cases. Despite the higher ticket prices, the Grand Prix even enjoys astronomical attendance figures and gets an overwhelming response from the fans every year!

FIFA World CupThe FIFA World Cup enjoys a massive global audience for many years now and draw huge crowds both online and offline for those highly anticipated finals. And the audience indeed has to pay a great price to see their favorite football stars in action. Tickets can go anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000.

Rugby World Cup – Rugby fans do not mind shelling out more than £700n on of the biggest sporting extravaganza in their country. The once‑in-a-generation sporting event in England finds a steady rise in the ticket prices and sponsorship of the tournaments.

Super Bowl – The famous Super Bowl is an America event. Most Americans are crazy about the game and willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money on its tickets. Tickets of the popular sporting event can cross $3,500, and fans are willing to pay higher prices for tickets in black that can cross $300,000.

BCS National Championship– The National Championship football matches at the college level are very popular among the masses due to professional players in it. Some of the very strong teams are seen contending for the National Championship, and the average prices of tickets are about $600. Many crazier fans are known to buy the tickets for as high as $250,000 for luxurious and special setting arrangements.

Manchester football club– Manchester City football club easily spends more than 1 billion on its current squad. The Premier League champions are certainly one of the most expensive and League winners, and the costs to see and enjoy their acumen on the field is as luxurious. Get your ultimate place to enjoy that unbeatable experience of a football match, and you can secure your ticket at about £100 to £140.

Grand Prix – Another expensive sport that remains popular and makes headlines is Formula One racing. With tons of companies trying to sponsor, it sure is an expensive sport that draws in massive crowds from all over the world. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix remains the most popular, and tickets can easily cross $500.

Six Nations- The Six Nations International series in the UK is a treat for all the rugby fans who will not miss the chance to see their favorite rugby teams battling in the stadiums across the UK.  The annual international rugby competition is held between France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, and England, and some of the tickets can cost almost 1000£!

National Leagues– Another of the most expensive series of matches relates to the National League, where the match-day tickets can vary based on the club. Wrexham football club can command one of the most expensive rates and remains popular. The statistics display that National Leagues in the past have enjoyed most expensive match-day ticket prices that cost 20 British pounds.

Although all of the above-listed sports events are very expensive to watch, there is no slowdown in the number of fans or the prices. The popularity of none of the games and events has waned with time, and all the above-listed sports and events attract a bigger crowd each year and enjoy a higher appreciation by fans. In fact, the euphoria and frenzy over these events and sports have only risen with time, no matter what the price!